Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Worst. Coverage. Ever.

Look, I think Ndamukong Suh is a really good college player and should be a very good NFL player. Hell he may even end up being great. But ESPN's coverage of the Holiday Bowl or should I say coverage of Suh, was pretty embarrassing. The guy had all of 2 tackles tonight.

That's right, 2 tackles.

But you would have thought he not only made every play on defense but also scored every touchdown on offense as well. Its not just that they were over selling the guy, it is also, and maybe more importantly, that they greatly undersold his teammates. Nebraska's quarterback had a helluva game tonight and didn't even resemble the guy who looked rattled most of the Big 12 Championship game. That was him moving their offense up and down the field against an Arizona defense that had been ranked pretty high all year. But the announcers barely noticed because they were so busy stroking off Suh.

The defensive backfield for Nebraska had such excellent coverage downfield play after play that Arizona's quarterback who normally had an above 60% completion percentage, couldn't even complete simple curl routes. But by the end of the game you hadn't even heard most of those guys names except when the starting lineups were announced at the beginning of the game.

I can appreciate that Suh is the hot story and that he will likely be the number 1 pick in the draft, but that is no reason for them to just drop their responsibilities of announcing the game in favor of acting as a stand in for his PR people.

I know some people watching the game probably think I am off base because people have said time and time again that Suh is the next Reggie White and therefore he deserves to be covered extensively but I have to believe that even some Suh supporters had to be disgusted by the announcers by the end of the game. It got so bad that they actually showed a replay of him obviously getting blocked one on one when one of his teammates got a sack and instead of talking about the teammate who actually made the play they instead just made up some shit and gave Suh credit saying that him getting double teamed is what opened it up for his teammate. I mean a blind man could have watched that play and discerned that he wasn't double teamed. But it was more important to promote Suh than it was to give credit to his teammate.

I certainly hope that the guy lives up to the hype because right about now they have made him up into King Kong, and we all know how that movie ended...

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  1. Even Suh would have been embarrassed had he been able to listen to these clowns call the game.

    -- George C. Costanza