Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Total Lack Of Self Awareness

Texas Tech has evidently fired Mike Leach according to what I am seeing in my twitter stream, but I still wanted to post this video of his lawyer giving a member of the media an "exclusive" look at the two places they had Craig James' son stay for hours while practice went on. I would like for you to watch the video all the way through then read my comments underneath.

Now I am as old school as they come when it comes to football. I have seen with my own two eyes the way some players are coddled nowadays and it turns my stomach at times. But this kid was diagnosed as having a concussion by a doctor and you simply can not screw around with that.

Now I want to point out a few things about this video. While they showed both places the kid had to stay what they didn't point out that in both instances he wasn't allowed to leave and in the instance of the shed or the garage or whatever the hell you want to call it, he was shut in and all the lights were out. Mind you HE HAS A CONCUSSION! I have had a few concussions in my time and one thing I have never heard is staying on your feet was good for you in that instance. The guards or trainers or whatever euphemism Leach and his attorney want to call them were not in there with him so had he fainted or lost his balance and fallen and busted his head open, and believe me when you have a concussion something like standing for an extended period of time is hard to do, the only thing they could have done is cleaned up the aftermath.

The second thing is that the lawyer freely admits that Leach has done this to other players in the past. That ladies and friends shows a pattern of punishing players for being hurt. That crap about having him close to the team is just that, crap. There ain't a damn thing Adam James would gain from being close to his team practicing in a damn windowless structure. Bigger than that why even have a training room if you are going to pull this kind of shit? Isn't that where injured players are supposed to go?

Let me put it to you differently, if a parent had done this to their kid they would be locked up for child abuse. So why exactly does Leach or his attorney think its suitable to do to one of his players?

Now there have been rumors that the kid was disgruntled. That Craig James was always calling to complain about playing time. You know what, all of that might be true and what Leach did is still wrong. And I can tell you this, had this been my son that it happened to the story wouldn't be about Leach getting fired. The story would be about me beating the dog shit out of him within an inch of his life until he understood not to ever treat another one of his players that way.

I have seen some crazy shit in my time but punishing this kid for having a concussion by having him stand up for hours inside a shed/garage or a closet/media room is absolutely some bullshit.

It is what it is.

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