Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 13

I think I am going to stick with just giving the picks for the rest of the year. If you have questions on any game just hit me up in comments and I will explain my thinking on it.


Jets at Bills: Bills.


Eagles at Falcons: Eagles.

Rams at Bears: Bears.

Lions at Bengals: Bengals.

Titans at Colts: Colts.

Broncos at Chiefs: Broncos.

Saints at Redskins: Saints.

Bucs at Panthers: Bucs.

Texans at Jaguars: Jaguars.

Raiders at Steelers: Steelers.

Patriots at Dolphins: Patriots.

Chargers at Browns: Chargers.

49ers at Seahawks: 49ers.

Cowboys at Giants: Cowboys.

Vikings at Cardinals: Vikings.


Ravens at Packers: Packers.


  1. I'd be very afraid to bet on the Colts this week....Vince Young just wins football games.

    Agree with most of the picks. I do hope that the Rams beat the Bears....due to that making the Gaines draft pick a little better(and maybe our pick better too with the Rams winning a game).

  2. Good logic on the Rams/Chicago game, Jacob. I'll go with that. I bet Steve is the only professional football journalist that selected the Bucs this week! I sure go a ribbin' from the guys when they saw me pick them!