Monday, December 28, 2009

Mike Leach Should Be Fired For Stupidity If Nothing Else

I would find Texas Tech coach Mike Leach's alleged behavior of having one of his players who had a mild concussion basically locked into a small dark room grounds for dismissal in and of itself. But finding out that said player was Craig James' son, the same Craig James that was a legend at SMU and has been an ESPN personality for years, makes me feel like not only should he be fired but publicly shamed. What kind of dumbass picks on a THAT kid?

I am not saying that celebrities' kids should be treated better or protected more (although we all know they are) but I am saying that if a coach is dumb enough to abuse a celebrity's kid then they are probably too dumb to lead their team to championships. Now I don't normally call for a guy to get fired, but in this case he needs to pay the stupid tax!

That's real talk.

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