Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Quick Note On The Bucs Game Today

You have one team with a rookie quarterback that just threw 5 interceptions last week. You have another team with a young quarterback who has been the backup all year. One team decides to run the ball no matter what. Another team decides to line up in shotgun and throw the ball around.

Which team do you think was the Bucs?

The Jets ran the ball 42 times. Let that sink in for a minute.


Out of those 42 times they had 2 big runs totally 58 yards. You take those two runs away and they ran the ball 40 times for 117 yards for a 2.9 average. They weren't ripping the our defense with the run. In point of fact for most of the day our defense kicked their ass on the run. And the Jets are ranked number one in rushing offense in the whole NFL. But they didn't give a damn. They knew that it was hot and that their quarterback isn't that good. So they decided they would run the ball, not turn it over, and keep our defense on the field for as much of the game as they could.

The Bucs on the other hand evidently thought they had the second coming of Joe Montana as they decided to start off the game in shotgun and throw the ball with Josh Freeman. The interception to start off the game deep in our own territory evidently did nothing to dissuade them from chunking it all over the field. And that's how they end up throwing the ball 33 times, having Freeman scramble 4 other times and get him sacked 3 other times. Add it all up and their offensive coordinator, Greg Olsen, called at least 40 passes with a rookie quarterback who just threw 5 picks last week and facing the number one pass defense in all of the NFL.

Oh and we ran the ball all of 20 times. I believe I pointed out last week that we passed it twice as much as we ran it that game too.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is not rocket science. If it were there would be a lot fewer coaches in the NFL. When you have a young quarterback and your defense is playing well and ESPECIALLY if you are playing in warm weather, weather that the Jets were unaccustomed to, YOU RUN THE MUTHAFUCKING BALL. And I don't mean run it on first down and then maybe throw it if you don't get much. I mean you commit to running the ball on first and second down and hell maybe even if its 3rd and medium you run it then too. That is what football is all about.

What its not about is selling out your defense and keeping them on the field all got damn day just so you can showcase your new toy to the detriment of the team overall. I don't know how anybody on the offensive staff can even look any of the defensive coaches or players in the face after this game.

Now ultimately this falls on the head coach though. Raheem Morris may not call the offensive plays but he for damn sure hears them in his head phones. Well its time to start vetoing a bunch of this bullshit. I remember when the know nothing assholes in this town on the radio and elsewhere used to knock Coach Dungy because we ran the ball so much and we were "boring" on offense. Well you go back and look at our record in December, especially our home record. We beat teams into submission with our running game in this Florida heat and they didn't want to come down here and see us. I saw defenders for other teams literally quit after trying to tackle Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn for 3 quarters.

That's what wins ball games. All this Mickey Mouse throwing just for the sake of throwing bullshit is how you get beat.

Now maybe nobody on the offensive staff really gives a damn anymore. Maybe for them the games are just glorified practices where they can experiment and wait to get the first pick in the draft. I don't really believe that, but for the people who do I can understand why. What I do know is that they owe the defense a big ass apology for the product they put on the field today. I am sick and tired of watching bad football and what we are doing on offense with our game plan is fucking offensive.

I will say this much, watch the game today wouldn't make me feel any sense of comfort that anybody on the offensive staff has a fucking clue of what they are doing. And that's AFTER the debacle last week. Take that how you will.


  1. Gee, it's almost as if consistently running the ball throughout a game will eventually result in a big play here and there...who knew?

    Oh right, Dungy did. I can't wait until the day when the West Coast offense burns in hell. Hopefully it starts in Tampa Bay next year. If we're going to throw 40 times a game like we did for much of the past several years, why fire Gruden to begin with?

    I miss Dungy.

  2. Steve, you mentioned Morris listens on the headset. As DC he's got to understand how the offensive play calls killed his defense today. As HC, you'd think he'd tell Olsen "run the efing ball or I'll efing fire you!". This is all on Morris.

  3. Hear, hear! Olson has to go. Soon.

    If I could've only chosen one, I'd have fired him before Bates, I think.

  4. Steve, you say you're sick and tired of watching bad football, I'm sick and tired of PAYING to watch bad football!

  5. Not sure if running it over and over and getting 2-3 yards each time would have done much to change the game. But it would be nice to see us try it once.

    This game may be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Morris getting fired goes.

  6. Steve, your right, and when we do run the ball why do we consistently run it out of shotgun with a single back, it seems caddy is suited for a i-formation or single back where he sits a little deeper and gets going down-hill. I think Raheem is gone man, I do. If you put this season down on the paper and took away his personality you would say he didn't know he's doing and fire him.One thing you need out of a head coach is consistency and he has been anything but. He claimed as far as passing we would be a play-action team that presses it deep but yet we draft a qb that has trouble under the center. Which I think they should be working on that right now with him seeing as though this should be his chance to learn on the job. It is truly bad football and I will not watch it anymore.