Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Should We Feel About The Seahawks Win?

I have heard several people on talk radio say and read several articles and posts online profess that Bucs fans shouldn't really be all that excited about them beating the Seahawks on Sunday. The reasoning runs the gamut from people upset that we might not get the first pick in the draft to some folks saying the Seahawks are just a horrible team and so who cares that the Bucs beat them.

Now make no mistake, the Bucs have had a shitty year and the Seahawks aren't anybody's world beaters. However I just don't get the logic of saying it wasn't a good win. In my world having the top pick in the draft is not something to be proud of. Hell look back at the list of teams who have earned that top pick. How many of them are now contending for anything? Anything at all? Besides that while the Seahawks have only won 5 games, 4 of those wins came at home. In point of fact they have had won 4 out of their 6 games at home before this past Sunday and two of those wins were a blowout of the Jacksonville Jaguars and a win over the San Francisco 49ers who were recently seen blowing out NFC West division leader Arizona. Furthermore the 7 pts they scored on Sunday was their second worst point output of the season.

Now its ok to keep things in perspective, a Superbowl win this was not. But for people to try to down play the win like it didn't mean anything is a farce. The Seahawks were better on paper, especially at home, and just about none of the same people who are now saying it wasn't a good win actually picked the Bucs to win on Sunday. So you will just have to excuse me when I call bullshit. We got our running game going again on Sunday, and our defense forced at least 4 turnovers even if you count the Matt Hassleback fumble as a gimmie. And lets not forget the good day that Sammie Stroughter had on returns. Does that mean that we will dominate against the Saints? Of course not. But it for damn sure gives me more hope than if we had went out there and laid an egg like most people thought we would.

Winning is a habit just like losing is a habit. Me personally I would much rather see this team learning good habits headed into the offseason no matter who its against. Somehow I bet most real Bucs fans feel the same way.

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