Thursday, December 3, 2009

On Tiger Woods

I don't agree with sports columnist Jason Whitlock a lot of the time but his column on Tiger Woods, or more specifically the hypocrisy of the sports pundits who are taking pot shots at Tiger, is truly a must read.

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  1. This celebrity microscope has been going on for years now.

    If we don't stand for all, it is hard to stand for one.

    Go back to Pittmans domestic, he was skewered by the press, with no regard to his entire family, even the victims of that particular incident.

    Domestic violence sucks, and in no way am I defending it, but it happens. If a crime is committed, investigate, and prosecute. But, until you walk in another mans shoes, STFU, and hope the family heals.

    I am proud of Mike Pittman, he appears to have overcome.

    The NFL has done better with educating these young players recently, but sometimes people will disappoint you.

    I spent 24 years in the Military, and cannot imagine some of those young folks with millions at that young age, and trying to make them understand the traps out there.

    The scale in the Military is smaller but very much the same believe it or not. And the same microscope has been applied because of the pedastool that people on because they serve. It is a constant battle to educate, and most do very well.
    But, there are some young dumb, and full of...well, just like I was in one regard or antoher, LOL.

    Good luck to Tiger, and his wife/kids in their family crisis is all I can say.

    Maybe the media will start looking at the rape, and assault currently in process to our children, and grandchildren by the Federal Reserve, and Congressional panderers. Yea, right.

    Steve White for President after you fix our Defense?