Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Questions Than Answers In The McNair Murder Case

But police hesitated to say at first whether Kazemi's single gunshot wound to the head was self-inflicted. Medical examiners said that once they knew Kazemi had purchased the gun and had trace signs of gunshot residue on one of her hands, they were ready to rule her death a suicide and close the book on the case.

But questions soon arose about where the 20-year-old waitress at Dave & Buster's restaurant got the pistol that was found at the crime scene, under her head. Federal agents traced it back through two sellers to Gilliam, an out-of-work car salesman with a serious felony on his record.

Gilliam, father of a toddler, cooperated with police and told them he sold the gun. With his fiancee present, Gilliam told police he didn't remember the girl's name who bought the gun for $100. But he later admitted he had met her downtown at a club, and had been exchanging phone calls and texts with her. He said he didn't know she was dating McNair at the time. He called her after a fight with his fiancee, and he didn't want to admit the potential relationship in front of the fiancee, he later told police.

He told police that he didn't know why Kazemi wanted the gun, and that he was with a friend all night when the deaths happened. His alibi didn't check out, according to the police file, when his friend, a bonding agent, told police Gilliam hadn't been with him.

Still, Postiglione said information about Gilliam's interest in Kazemi and lying about his alibi never made him a suspect. Phone records show he was in the Smyrna and La Vergne area all night, Postiglione said, and his lying about that doesn't mean he was involved in the deaths.

The Tennesseean

So just to recap, medical examiners weren't sure it was a suicide until a convicted felon who lied to the police about how he knew Sahel Kazemi and lied about where he was the night of the murder, told them that he sold her the gun. That's the confirmation they needed to conclude she killed Steve McNair and then killed herself?! Seriously?!

I am not saying this is some kind of conspiracy, but I am saying that someone else should be allowed to reopen the investigation and take a fresh look at all the evidence. Something just isn't right about all of this, especially when the police are saying the guy who said he sold the gun, Adrian Gilliam, was never a suspect in the crime. How in the fuck is that even possible considering the lies he told initially? And especially since if he doesn't tell them that he sold her the gun and didn't know why she wanted it, then they still by there own admission aren't even sure that Kazemi killed McNair and herself.


  1. i am not satisfied with all the evidence in that case, i have no idea how the cops are.

    steve i just read an article at PFT about haynesworth. can you shed some light possibly about the difference between the 2 schemes. and whether it could cause haynesworths play this year or is he just full of it


  2. @Ant

    I read the underlying article about Haynesworth and I am of two minds about it. First, yeah if they didn't make him two gap so much his personal stats would probably be higher. I can say that I have seen him play several times this year and he is still playing hard. But its not really just about the two gapping. The Redskins blitz quite a bit and that also cuts into his statistics. And that brings me to the other side of the coin. Haynesworth has basically been in one system his whole career. He probably doesn't know his ass from a whole in the ground when it comes to other schemes. Even though the Redskins have a shitty record, their defense is rated number 9 and has played well most games. Now the system may not be a defensive line friendly scheme but that doesn't mean its a bad scheme. Its hard for me to sit up here and knock their scheme when they have been rated in the top 10 for 4 of Blache's years there. I think the reality is Haynesworth is mad not because of the scheme but because Blache isn't changed it just because Haynesworth asks him to. So in my opinion this is more about Haynesworth crying because he is worried about what fans will say moreso than Blache's scheme being the problem

  3. There are more questions to this case than answers and I think the police wanted to solve the case and using the jilted lover angle was an easy out. I'm not saying it couldn't of been her, but I'm not convinced it was her.