Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Attention ESPN Announcers For The Holiday Bowl

Please remove your lips from Ndamankong Suh's ass. He is good enough as a player that he doesn't need your shameless over hyping of him. I half expect one of yall to claim he shoots lightning out his ass and chews on railroad ties. I think I will be using the mute button in the second half.



1 comment:

  1. Bwahahahahahaha...

    thanks for the laugh Steve...

    I think you said you were a lifelong Cowboy fan somehere, and I can't stand the thought of hearing about romo, all his babes, how he smells, and what tennis shoes he wears for the next 15 years either should the boys win the SB.

    Nope, noone else on the team does anything.

    I think age wise I got about 10-12 years on you, and I remember the days of mediot, and adveritsing hype was limited to Joe Namath, and a few other pretty boys.

    Maybe the bucs can get Suh after his first contract is up...let him sell some wares, and shoes, and push the credit cards, at least a Defensive player is getting some love in the College ranks.

    but yeah, I get your point.