Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Am Sure This Is Just A Coincidence...

Title of the latest Bucs Beat blog post at the St Petersburg Times is entitled:

"OL Demar Dotson getting reps at tight end"

Now I don't take any credit for that because I mean John Gilmore is banged up so it might just be out of necessity. But I will say that this from Offensive Coordinator Greg Olsen sounds awfully familiar:

"We’ve had some issues in protection, really with the tight end position," Olson said. "And we're gonna again this week with John Gilmore being out still trying to find a way there to aid us in protection. We’ve now moved Dotson in some at tight end to help us in that area, help us with our run game and with our protection issues. We're trying to find solutions."

It is what it is...


  1. Must be just a big coincidence that they decide that a day AFTER reading your blog. Right, must be!

  2. That pretty much sums it up. Good Call. Let's see where this goes and hopefully when it starts working they won't pull him out of the game. LOL

  3. once again a great call steve. its great to see someone with an understanding ig the techical aspects of football teaching the rest of us.

    i am pasting a comment i posted in an earlier story of yours. i posted it after you stopped checking it for comments


    Hey mate just wanted to say your blog is by far the best around. i have always been interested in trench play but no body ever breaks it down so until now i have only guessed at the techinical side. So to finally find a site that does this and does it about my bucs is great

    At some point (it might be a good offseason post) can you break down the diffrent stances/techniques. because I've heard people speak about them but no one explains what they are, for example before the draft i heard Tyson Jackson was a great 5 techique DE but no one explained what that was.

    Also do you no of anybody who has a similar site to this but o-line related

    Just to make it easier to reply to me I've posted in your live chats under the name Ant/Anthony

  4. @Ant

    First thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.

    Second I would think when they said Tyson Jackson was a 5 technigue end they meant a 3-4 end but I am not sure. Generally people talk about defensive linemen in terms of whether they fit better in a 4-3 scheme which is more about getting upfield and pass rushing, or a 3-4 scheme which is more read and react and two gapping. Jackson is a big guy who could do well in a scheme where he two gaps and read and reacts but he isn't the type of defensive end that you imagine screaming upfield and getting constant pressure on the quarterback. Maybe in the offseason I will in fact have a post or two about the intricasies of playing defensive line, we'll see.

    As for offensive line play, no I don't know of a blog that explains it but if you have questions I can tell you about pretty much anything you want to know about any position on a football field aside from kickers.