Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking To The Airwaves

I have been invited to be a guest today on 620 WDAE with Rock Riley who is filling in for the vacationing Steve "The Big Dawg" Duemig". You can check me out around 4:15 or so and even call in if you so desire. Just as on this blog I will definitely be speaking my mind whether it fits the going narratives or not. Feel free to compliment or criticize my performance ;)


  1. hey steve,

    anywhere i can listen to it on demand


  2. I missed it Steve. Just got off work a little while ago and didn't know you guys were on. I bitched at Joe for not giving us more notice. I had my truck right there with me too, but I don't listen to that loudmouth Duemig. Sorry, I don't like the way he treats people, and anyone that knows everything like Duemig should be President Czar, or Emperor.

  3. @ANT

    Sorry but I don't think they have it on a podcast.


    Sorry that you missed it. Rock Riley was guest hosting today and it just came up this morning. Hopefully I will be on the radio more in the offseason and I will try to get the word out sooner.