Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jeremy Trueblood Is A Loser

Hell yeah I said it.
Lets take a trip down memory lane. Last year interim San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary benched his talented but idiotic tight end Vernon Davis after the latest of his ridiculous penalties that hurt his team. At first it appeared that he had just pulled Davis for a series or two but the cameras caught him going to Davis and telling him to take it in to the showers because he was done for the day. After the game here is how Singletary explained his decision.

Now does Vernon Davis sound like somebody on our team? Somebody who REPEATEDLY gets penalties that hurt us? Somebody who NEVER shows one iota of remorse?

Jeremy Trueblood is killing us on offense and I'll say this much about him, he didn't just start this week or this year. He has been pulling this kind of bullshit since the day he started at right tackle and enough is e fucking nough!

I rarely if ever care about Offensive linemen getting holding penalties. To me that usually just shows they're trying to block somebody, it happens. But when you get penalties for jumping damn near every game. When you get a personal foul at crucial times like every other game. When you do this over and over through out your career to the point where its your calling card, then yeah I have a HUGE problem with that.

I applaud Coach Morris for pulling his ass out of the game immediately today when he got that personal foul, but I have to say I was VERY dissappointed to see him back in on the next series. That guy will not learn his lesson by missing a couple of plays, and honestly, at this point, I would rather lose with his backup than win with him. Because unless and until he realizes that what he is doing is counter productive to what the TEAM is trying to do, he won't stop doing it.

Now I know there are some misguided souls who think that kind of bullshit shows "toughness" or "aggressiveness". Well let me ask the handful of you a question. How many times do you see offensive linemen for teams that are winning teams year in and year out get those kinds of penalties? How many times do you see the Steelers, the Colts, the Patriots, the Giants or teams of that caliber have their offensive linement kill drives week after week with stupid penalties? Ever wonder why that is?

Its called discipline and you can't win consistently without it. Its what separates winners from losers and Jeremy Trueblood doesn't have any. This season is beyond lost at this point, Coach Morris' job security is definitely in question. If I were him I would go out there these last few games and win or lose on my own terms.
They say they want to see the young players, well I say start with Trueblood's back up Demar Dotson. I don't know if he is as good an athlete as Trueblood but at least so far I know he isn't getting stupid penalties on a regular basis. And maybe, just maybe, Trueblood can use his time on the pine to do some of the soul searching he should have been doing up to this point. Hell the Vernon Davis story actually turns out pretty good. After an offseason with Singletary he cleans up a lot of that extracurricular foolishness and is eventually named a captain. Who knows, maybe Trueblood could have a similar transformation.

But here is what I do know, with our offense as anemic as it has been we simply can not afford to be a charity. And as far as Jeremy Trueblood goes as for right now we "can not play with him, can not win with him, can not coach with him, can't do it".


  1. Even my wife was screaming when she saw him back in there after he was pulled. Morris needs to grow some cajones and use these last few games to see what he has and discipline Trueblood while he's at it. This season is lost and it doesn't matter at this point if we're 1 - 15 or 3 - 13 (except for the draft lol) - lets play everyone we have and see if we have some players.

  2. I agree with 100%. This dumbass is consistently hurting the offensive with his stupid penalties.