Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Meyer Stepping Down At Florida. Who Will Replace Him?

University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer will be resigning after the bowl game. He referenced his health in his comments released to the media and now I have seen from several different sources that he had chest pains, nausea and sickness that hospitalized him recently. The question I have is who should and or will be the next coach at Florida. I want my commenters to give their choice of who they want to see at UF or who they think will be at UF next season.

I am an official Gator Hater as yall know so I won't act like this is exciting for me or anything. But I will say that if I were in charge of the search I would definitely at least interview the head coach at Boise State. Their offense is explosive and somewhat similar to what Florida ran with Meyer and the Chris Pederson has worked miracles with lesser facilities and some would say lesser talent. And you could bet that he would come in hungry and with a chip on his shoulder after all those years of being snubbed out of the BCS bowl games and the BCS championship.

But I want to know who you guys have high on your lists. So have at it!


  1. My sentiments exactly Steve. I just posted those exact words over on Joe's. Petersen would definitely be a name I'd look at, and would bring a hunger and excitement. If they go Petrino, I may just burn everything Gator I own.

  2. Bob Stoops or Steve "Ol ball Coach" Spurrier.

  3. Kyle Whittingham of Utah would make the transition the easiest and would probably be Meyer's pick as well. At least Michigan doesn't have to worry about Meyers being Jim Tressel's replacement down the road, a very real concern by us Wolverine fans!

  4. I think Foley will go with Peterson or Whittingham.

    Those who are predicting the demise of the Gators are very mistaken. They still have a ton of talent and I'm sure a new coach will be hired in time to keep this year's recruits from jumping ship -- especially if the coach is one of the two I listed above.