Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 2 Picks Revisited

Man did I take it on the chin this week. I thought I had some great upsets picked but its obvious I was looking for something that wasn't there. I went 8-8 but I don't think I will make that same mistake again.


Panthers at Falcons: Falcons. After a very bad week last week for Panther QB Jake Delhomme it doesn't get much better Sunday against the Falcons. John Abraham will be harrassing him all game as will the rest of his defensive line mates. The Panthers defense will also be on their hills trying to contain Falcons running back Michael Turner. I can see the Panthers performing better on offense this week, but not well enough to pull one out against the Falcons in their house.


Vikings at Detroit: Vikings. Duh


Bengals at Packers: Packers. This one will be closer than folks think but the Bengals just don't have enough to keep up at this point.

It was in fact closer than people thought. So close that the Bengals beat the Packers at home. SMDH. Loss

Texans at Titans: Titans. After rewatching the Titans/Steelers game I am convinced that the Titans are for real this year. And the Texans are going to end up being the one to pay for the Titans loss last week.

I can't read the Titans right now because their defense is so hit or miss. They have more than enough talent but I think Chuck Cecil just isn't making the adjustments nor being aggressive enough with the pieces he has. It is a shame too because the Titans, specifically Chris Johnson, put on a damn show running the ball. But then they had to sit on the sideline and watch Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson put on a show throwing and catching the ball. Loss

Raiders at Chiefs: Raiders. I think the Raiders may come out really confident after almost knocking the Chargers off on Monday night. Combine that with the fact that I now detest Todd Haley because of how he tried to come in and "lay down the law" and thats how I picked the Raiders in a game that could truly go either way.


Patriots at Jets: Patriots. Look for Brady to go up top to Moss at least twice and for this one to get ugly early and often. The Patriots D will still be shaky but the Jets simply won't be able to out score the Pats.

Two things. The Patriots need to go back to their base 3-4 defense because they don't look comfortable in a 4-3 and evidently they don't have many pressure packages out of a 4-3 either because by my count they didn't blitz at all in the first half and only maybe 5 times in the second half mostly out of desparation. The other thing is Brady is going to have to take more shots down the field to Moss and Galloway or teams will not respect him anymore. I know he threw the one pick when he tried to go deep to Moss but that wasn't a pass that really had a shot of working. In fact it looked very much like a clearout route by Moss because he stemmed outside instead of inside. If he doesn't start making teams pay big time for blitzing him then he will see variations of what the Jets did to him for the rest of the year. Loss

Saints at Eagles: Eagles. Check here for analysis.

I was wrong, the Saints are a juggernaut on offense right now. Not sure who can be their kryptonite but if I had to guess that it will be injuries if anything stops them this year. Loss

Rams at Redskins: Deadskins. Self explanatory.

Win, barely. The Deadskins should be ashamed.

Cardinals at Jaguars: Cardinals. I think the Jaguars are a good team but I think Jack Del Rio is going through some kind of mid life meltdown right now. Combine that with the fact that I think Warner will get off the bus chunking the ball down the field and I think the Cardinals steal one in Jacksonville.


Seahawks at 49ers: 49ers. Its a new day in the bay and the 49ers' defense ain't playing no games. It will be close but I expect 49ers to pull it out in the end.


Bucs at Bills: Bucs. Check here for analysis.

Loss and I don't know if the Bucs have a game on their schedule right now that I would be comfortable picking them to win the rest of the season.

Steelers at Bears: Bears. Check here for analysis.


Browns at Broncos: Broncos. Browns have to go cross country to that thin air. Plus they lost the coin flip lol. This game could also go either way.


Ravens at Chargers: Chargers. I love the Ravens' defense and I love their running game. But I think the combination of a east coast to west coast road trip and the big Chargers receivers as well as Shawne Merriman coming after Joe Flacco all add up to equal a win for the home team.

Loss. I should know better than to bet against Ray Lou

Giants at Cowboys: Cowboys. No this isn't a homer pick. I think the Cowboys have the advanatage of being at home. I think they also have more weapons on offense than the Giants can match up with. I also think the Giants will have their hands full blocking Jay Ratliff this week and for once the Giants will face a defense with linebackers that are big enough to take on Brandon Jacobs and win the majority of those battles. I think Martellius Bennett in particular will have a big game as Romo gets more comfortable throwing him the ball.

Loss. The Cowboys have a lot to fix, particularly on defense but it is all fixable.

Monday Night Football

Colts at Dolphins: Dolphins. Yeah I know this won't be a popular pick but the Dolphins are at home, their running game will be kryptonite to the Colts' defense, Peyton Manning traditionally has had a hard time with 3-4 defenses, and they are missing one of their weapons in Anthony Gonzales. For those reasons, give me the Dolphins at home for upset of the weekend.

So close man. But close only counts in horseshoes. Loss

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