Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Huge Loss For The Bucs

I was worried about this in the preseason.

Jermaine Phillips' season is over.

The longtime Bucs safety was placed on injured reserve today after further examination of a broken left thumb he suffered in Sunday's game.

This is Phillips' third broken bone in the past two seasons. And his lengthy injury history -- almost all of it broken bones in his arms and hands -- dates to 2004.

The Bucs today also released safety Steve Cargile, who was added over the weekend for depth. It's expected they will make a move to address to loss of Phillips as they now have two open roster spots.

Because Jermaine Phillips has been hurt so much in his career I never liked the idea of moving him to linebacker instead of going out and bringing one in. Besides that the Bucs made the move without knowing for sure if Sabby Piscetelli was up to taking over his role. And with the 4 game suspension of Tanard Jackson the dominoes all started falling down.

Now I have actually been pleasantly surprised by Geno Hayes' play so far (as long as he can get to the stadium on time from now on) but he is really not the kind of playmaker you need playing that position. And now, with Flip out, who can anyone point to as a playmaker on our defense? Ronde for sure can still bring it but having a cornerback who makes most of his big plays when lined up on the slot receiver as the only identifiable play maker on your team is a recipe for disaster in the NFL. And if anybody seriously believes that the Glazers are doing all they can to win when we are $30 million dollars under the salary cap and no playmakers on defense then I have some swampland down the road to sell you.

Bad days are ahead my friends.

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