Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holleywood Makes A House Call!

I spent a lot of the spring talking a lot of shit about Michael Irvin's reality show "4th and Long" before it ever came on. I was just sure it was going to be corny and just a total farce. However, as sometimes happens, I ended up being hooked on the show. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the drills the had on the show had absolutely nothing to do with playing pro ball. Still a lot of the players were themselves compelling. For instance I started off the season kinda cheering on a guy by the name of Montrell Jones because he played for my alma mater UT, but by the end of the season I was pissed that he hadn't been cut earlier on because the guy was lazy as hell.

But the most compelling guy, to me at least, ended up winning the show. Jesse Holley was a big guy who could run and jump and catch and he just kind of stood out in most regards. At first I wasn't sure he was physical enough but as each week passed he showed himself to be more and more willing to initiate contact. But as big or bigger than all of that was the attitude he had on and off the field. Here was a guy competing for a job against every other guy on the show, yet you ALWAYS heard him giving encouragement to the other guys whether on or off the field. And it got to a point after awhile where because Irvin and the other coaches didn't spend much time talking him up that I figured he might get robbed. But in the end they did the right thing in my opinion and the best guy won.

Now being a Cowboys fan from since I was a kid I have been following online the progress of the time on the blogs. For whatever reason nobody gave Holley a chance in hell of making the team. I realize that for a "reality TV guy" to get a roster spot might be a little too much for people to accept inside the NFL culture but I mean if the guy can play whats the difference between him and a guy who never even played football who ends up becoming a pro bowl tight end?

So Holley would make one or two plays a day in practice but didn't get much burn in the preseason games. It doesn't look like he has a prayer of making the team and honestly I think thats a shame. Im not saying the guy is a world beater, but he does have height and speed and he doesn't appear to be scared at all. But I will tell you this much, if he does get cut today at least he went out with a bang last night.

Im sure the Cowboys' special teams coach about had a heartattack when he first picked up the ball but that's what we call an "attaboy". If it works everyone praises you, if not you are gonna get dog cussed. I am pretty sure I know which one Holley got when he came back to the sidelines.

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