Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Glimpse Into The Future

I know people are wondering what starting Josh Johnson will mean for the Bucs' prospects this weekend in Washington. Now I can't say that he will definitely lead them to victory because this will be uncharted territory for him and it is after all only his second year. But the kid brings some above average athleticism with him when he straps it on this weekend and the fact that he can run as well as through should help him greatly when all else fails.

Here is a clip from a preseason game where Johnson took it to the house. But I don't want you to focus on the level of competiton because obviously he is going against the backups for the Tennessee Titans, many of whom probably didn't even make the team. But let the clip play all the way through then go back and replay it and watch it while keeping an eye on the youtube seconds counter. Notice how fast he gets from about the 49 yard line to the endzone even after he takes his foot off the gas right at the end.

That, my friends, was an impressive run no matter what the level of competition. Expect to see that kind of athleticism on display come 1pm Sunday afternoon.

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