Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take The Money And Run

I was remiss in not discussing the injury to Oklahoma's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Sam Bradford which he sustained in the game against BYU yesterday. The truth is the guy should have been throwing passes to NFL receivers this preseason. I am not an advocate of every kid who has a big year leaving school early. But Bradford had all the tools and every scout was calling him a sure top 10 pick. In that situation what exactly is a rational reason to stay in school? Get your degree? With that kind of money you can pay for your own education 10 times over. Comraderie with teammates? You will have other teammates in the NFL.

There was no good reason for him to come back this year. Now that doesn't mean I don't sympathize with the fact that he got hurt in the first game of his senior year. Certainly I do. But it should be a lesson to other college players that when you stock is high and you are a projected high first round pick you should absolutely leave so that if you get hurt you are appropriately compensated for it.

Im just sayin.

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