Thursday, September 17, 2009

Real Talk: James Harrison Edition

This is why I love James Harrison as a football player.

• Bo Scaife took exception to the hit that James Harrison made on him last Thursday, which caused a fumble, and the Tennessee tight end recently called it a dirty play. Harrison's reaction? "I don't give a damn what he said," the Steelers outside linebacker said after practice Wednesday. "If I hit high, I get fined. If I hit him low, I keep money in my pocket." Harrison, who was docked $7,500 by the NFL for driving the quarterback into the ground in the Steelers' first preseason game on Aug. 13, did not get fined for his hit on Scaife

That is the reality of today's NFL rules. They try so hard to protect the offensive players that they put defensive players at risk of either hurting themselves trying to avoid a fine or losing some of their money for basically playing tough and aggressively. For people like Scaife and Maurice Jones-Drew who are complaining about low hits they should either STFU or call up the rules committee and repeal all of these new safety rules which basically now give a defensive player a strike zone which in the end has only served to pussify the game.

It is what it is.

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