Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing: Clinton Portis Edition

Here is the screaming headline:

"Redskins’ Portis takes a swipe at Riggins"

But here are some of the quotes included in the article.

“I think he was a great running back,

The people around here love you, and I’m not trying to replace you.

“It ain’t no ill will,” Portis said. “I’m minding my business, and hopefully he’ll do the same. ... He deserves to be a legend. And I can see why the town appreciates him when you put in that kind of work for an organization and the fans are that crazy about you. You should be appreciated."

So what did he say that was so offensive to John Riggins?

“I think he was a great running back, but, you know, think of who else was around him,” Portis said. “That was really not hard to be a great running back when you’ve got that talent all around you. I think they just had great teams, you know. I think everybody who played in that era as a running back is big around here.”

Now while you can say that's a swipe at Riggins, couldn't it also be spun as him giving some love to Riggin's teammates? And make no mistake about it, he DID have a lot of talent around him back in the day.

If the guy making these comments wasn't named "Clinton Portis" there is no way this is even a story.

It is what it is.

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