Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Karma

A quick explanation of football karma. When you make stupid decisions on a football field then football karma makes you pay for it. If you get a penalty on defense on 3rd down when you had the other guys stopped, usually that means the other team will drive down and score. If you try to get greedy and run up the score on a team, usually one of your better players will get hurt. And if you do not use the clock wisely whether its not running the ball late in the 4th quarter when you have a lead or its taking a time out when your opponent doesn't have any left and the clock is winding down then in general you will lose. This is not a scientific thing of course but its the way the ball tends to bounce on any level of football. Please keep this in mind when you see your team make a stupid play/decision that affects the out come of the game

*Explanations of rules "What Will Make You Laugh, Will Make You Cry" and "Right Back At You" to come soon.

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  1. OR if you take the terrible towel and do anything non-football related, such as stomp the towel or use the towel as a prop, and you happen to NOT be a Pittsburgh Steeler or a Steelers fan...yeah, bad karma will hit you. Right Lendale?