Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 3 Picks Revisited

We were back in the money this weekend at 12-4, much more respectable than in week 2.


Redskins at Detroit: Redskins. I know the cute pick this week is for Detroit to get their first win in over a year but its not going to happen. In all honesty it probably hurts Detroit's chances that the Redskins almost lost to the Rams last week on the road. They won't be able to catch them slipping this week and the Redskins simply have more talent than the Lions. Besides.....its still the Lions.

Loss. Who knew the Deadskins were really THAT bad?!

Packers at Rams: Packers. Duh.


49ers at Vikings: Vikings. I swear this is a hard pick because while Adrian Peterson is running like a man possessed, the 49ers' defense is balling this year too. But I have to give the edge to the home team here especially with a west coast team coming to the east to play a 1 o'clock game so the Vikings get the nod.

Win. It came down to the wire but the Vikings pulled it out!

Falcons at Patriots: Patriots. The Patriots are at home and after getting beat up pretty good last week by the Jets they will be looking to rebound. I just have a hunch that the Patriots will play more of their 3-4 package this week and that will help them shore up the defense against the run. The Falcons are not a big blitz team which means Brady should have more time to find his weapons down the field. I also think having Wes Welker back will make their offense a lot more potent.

Win. Patriots got back to running the ball which kept the Falcons honest.

Titans at Jets: Jets. The Jets made me a believer last week and the Titans gave me more reasons to be skeptical. Its obviously not the Titans' offense that is the problem but their defense in the first two games has looked hapless at times. I am beginning to believe that Chuck Cecil is just in over his head. On the flip side the Jets' defense shouldn't be as explosive against a Titans offense that great at picking up 3-4 blitzing style defenses. But they will make life a living hell for Kerry Collins should he find himself in 3rd and long situations. I don't think the score board will reflect it but I think the Titans are in for an asswhupping this weekend.


Chiefs at Eagles: Eagles. The Eagles unleash Mike Vick on the rest of the league this week and I don't think he will dissappoint. The Chiefs aren't looking good at all right now and they picked the wrong week to have the Eagles on the schedule. Still smarting from the beat down the Saints put on them, I look for the Eagles to bounce back in a major way on Sunday.


Giants at Bucs: Giants. I can't find a game on the Bucs schedule for the rest of the year that I feel comfortable picking them to win. This might get really ugly really fast.


Browns at Ravens: Ravens. Duh.


Jaguars at Texans: Texans. I think their success last week against the Titans may have awakened the beast in the Texans. If they can get this win over the Jags they will set themselves up nicely in their division to start the season off. The Jags need new blood, and I am not talking about the players here.

Loss. Texans fumble on the one yard line to screw me out of an almost perfect weekend.

Saints at Buffalo: Saints. I don't think the Bills have enough bullets in their gun to keep up with the Saints in a blowout.


Bears at Seahawks: Bears. I am actually a little worried about this pick because honestly I think the Seahawks might be more dangerous with Seneca Wallace as the quarterback. But in the end I think the Bears will pull it out.


Steelers at Bengals: Steelers. I like the Bengals this year but they aren't ready to beat the Steelers right now.

Loss. I guess I was wrong, the Bengals WERE ready to beat the Steelers this year.

Broncos at Raiders: Broncos. I don't think anybody will enjoy watching this game but I think the Broncos will pull it out at the end. If the Raiders' receivers ever start catching the ball though its going to be hell for their opponents.


Dolphins at Chargers: Chargers. San Diego is at home and they have big receivers for the Dolphins to contend with and I don't think the Dolphins are going to be completely over that heartbreaking loss to the Colts.

Win. Sucks about Chad getting hurt again.

Colts at Cardinals: Colts. Peyton Manning. Enough said.


Panthers at Dallas: Dallas. Tony Romo will have a big day after listening to his haters all week.

Win. Suck. On. That. Haters.

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