Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wide Receiver News

The first news of the morning is that former Texas Tech wideout Michael Crabtree, who had supposedly threatened to sit out the season, signed with the San Francisco 49ers. I actually had the under on this one anyway. I figured the combination of the 49ers having a good start to the season along with not having any money coming in nor having a training table to eat at for free would make Crabtree blink and evidently it did since he got the same deal he pretty much could have gotten a couple of months ago.

The other news is that the Cleveland Browns have shipped off wideout Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets for two players and some picks. Now as much as Braylon probably deserved to get shit canned for his repeated violations of team and league policy including his recent fight with a Lebron James associate, let there be no mistake this move GREATLY improves the Jets' chances of not only making the playoffs but getting close to a championship this year. I know people will focus on his drops but one thing is for sure, when this guy is on there isn't a corner in the league who can check him. Besides that, he can work on his hands in NY but you can't coach his size and speed. He will give Mark Sanchez another big athletic target in the redzone also. I wouldn't expect a Randy Moss level rejuvenation of his career (seriously who else could pull that off anyway?) but barring injury I can just about guarantee that Edwards will help a pretty good Jets team approach greatness this year.

One last thing to remember is that as Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator, Jets head coach Rex Ryan had to face Braylon Edwards twice a year. Don't think for one second that this didn't play a role in the trade.

If I am wrong, please make sure to call me out on it later.

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