Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 8

I rebounded well to a 10-3 record last week but I am feeling the magic touch. Can I finally go undefeated?


Texans at Bills: Texans. The Texans are finally living up to their potential and the Bills are still.....well the Bills.

Browns at Bears: Bears. No brainer.

Seahawks at Cowboys: Cowboys. The Cowboys are starting to put it all together and they are also getting healthier. Miles Austin's explosion the last two games has brought a whole new element to our offense. The defense is finally bringing the pressure that most of us thought they would have all season and playing much better overall. The Seahawks have just had way too many injuries at critical positions this year and TJ Whos Your Mama is becoming a big big distraction.

Rams at Lions: Rams. Talk about picking he lesser of two football evils lol. This could definitely go either way. But no Calvin Johnson equals no offense for the Lions if you ask me.

49ers at Colts: Colts. The Colts are quietly the most dominant team in the NFL right now. While everyone else is focused on the Vikings and the Saints, Peyton Manning and his boys have been blowing people out and are just now getting fully healthy. The 49ers will be better with Alex Smith at the helm but not quite good enough.

Dolphins at Jets: Dolphins. As they say in boxing, styles make fights. And I just think Miami matches up well with the Jets. Besides that I don't think conditions will be good for a big passing day for either team and with the Jets down Leon Washington I don't think they will be able to match the Dolphins' running game. Besides that these teams hate each other which should really make for an intense and exciting game.

Broncos at Ravens: Broncos. I promised after the Broncos beat the Chargers that I would never pick against them the rest of the year. It is what it is.

Giants at Eagles: Giants. The Eagles historically have not done too well with Brian Westbrook out of the lineup and I just don't see him being ready for this game. The fact that the Redskins stuck around so long with the Eagles on Monday night really didn't inspire any confidence in them either.

Jaguars at Titans: Titans. Its the return of Vince Young and the Titans are at home. Hell why not? LOL

Raiders at Chargers: Chargers. Duh!

Vikings at Packers: Packers. With Chad Clifton back I think the Packers' protection will be better. I also think that being outside in November will be a factor against the Vikings team. Home field advantage will be huge in this one and I think it all equals up to a Packers victory dashing the Brett Favre love story.

Panthers at Cardinals: Cardinals. With John Fox sticking with Jake Delhomme at quarterback I just can't take the Panthers seriously anymore.


Falcons at Saints. Saints. Too much offense from the Saints especially against an Atlanta secondary that is hurting. This might not even be close.

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