Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tony LaRussa Is Playing Himself

I have always thought that Tony LaRussa was an exceptional manager who probably didn't get as much credit as he should have, but right now he is about to make a mockery of himself. LaRussa seems to be on a mission to convince everyone else in the world who has a brain and can think for themselves that they have it all wrong about Mark McGwire taking performance enhancing drugs by bringing him in as a hitting coach.

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen. When introducing McGwire as his new hitting coach LaRussa thought it would be a good time to point out that the guy is still big as hell from working out. Hmmmm I wonder if being away from those pesky drug tests might have something to do with that. Mind you Mark McGwire hasn't coached at all since leaving the game. Mind you the guy had a career .263 batting average, not exactly Tony Gwynn there.

So you have in McGwire a guy who I suppose will be able to teach the players how to swing for the fences? Seriously, in what world does this make sense unless you are a manager who WANTS there to be controversy around you? McGuire doesn't need a job and even if he did LaRussa could have given him something away from the players if need be. But by making Big Mac the hitting coach LaRussa is basically saying his belief in McGwire is stronger than all the evidence to the contrary that the guy was juicing. Now there is a time and a place for loyalty in sport but I just don't think this is one of them. I know people will start gnashing their teeth but could you imagine if someone gave Barry Bonds a job as hitting coach? Mind you Bonds hasn't been convicted of anything and has consistently said he didn't take performance enhancing drugs whether anybody believes that or not. And he for damn sure was a lot better and more consistent and well rounded hitter than McGwire EVER was.

Now don't mistake this to be me saying Bonds should have a job too. Quite the opposite. I am saying NEITHER of them should have a job in major league baseball. But I have a feeling that the media coverage of both would be different. It is what it is.

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