Friday, October 2, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 4

We are back in business after a 12-4 week and I am going to try to ride this momentum for the rest of the season.


Lions at Bears: Bears. Chicago is at home, its a division game and I think Detroit is still going to be hungover from their first win in over a year. It will probably go down to the wire but I am giving the Bears the edge. Bonus caveat, don't forget that my old defensive line coach, Rod Marinelli, got fired as the Lions coach last year. I expect the Bears D Linemen to play out of their mind for him.

Bengals at Browns: Bengals. The Bengals have made me a believer at this point. Plus the Browns are just a mess. I think Derek Anderson will have a good game but the Browns will find a way to lose the game.

Seahawks at Colts: Colts. No brainer.

Giants at Chiefs: Giants. This shouldn't even be close.

Ravens at Patriots: Patriots. I know a lot of people are picking the Ravens but the Patriots are killer at home and their offense seems to be getting back on track. I was very encouraged by Fred Taylor's running last week and I think if they give him the touches again this week its going to pay off. I also think their defense is finally coming around as well. If the game were being played in Baltimore I would probably pick the Ravens but its not so I'm not.

Bucs at Redskins: Bucs. This is a very intriguing game for me. I don't have a ton of confidence that the Bucs will win but I am still picking them. With the change at quarterback to Josh Johnson I think they might have an X factor in their favor. Add to that the fact that the wide recievers for the Bucs are now getting healthy and that Greg White just might start at right end. The fact that the fans are already turning on the team may work against the Redskins being at home this week too. If they don't get off to a fast start frustration may set in when they hear the boos. This may well be a homer pick but I am riding with the Bucs this week.

Titans at Jaguars: Titans. This team is too good to keep losing and Jack Del Rio seems determined to make his team implode. Taking away his starting quarterback's radio show in such a public and humiliating fashion, as if the guy weren't concerned about winning, may be the straw that broke the camels back. I think its time for new blood in Jacksonville and after they lose this game we may see it.

Raiders at Texans: Texans. As much as the Texans dissappointed me last week by fumbling away a touchdown right at the end of the game, I don't know how anybody picks the Raiders to win a game for the rest of the year.

Bills at Dolphins: Bills. I think people are going to see how much Chad Pennington meant to that Dolphins team starting this week. Buffalo's defense is a lot better than people give it credit and I think they will do just enough to eke out victory this weekend. In related news things won't get much better for TO for those playing fantasy football.

Jets at Saints. Saints. The reason for this win will actually end up being the Saints' defense as much as its offense. It has been frustrating to see teams not get after the Jets' starting rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez but I have a feeling that all of that ends this weekend. Because the Jets will have to throw a lot to keep up with the Saints there will be a lot of opportunities to force Sanchez into making a lot more mistakes.

Cowboys at Broncos: Cowboys. Denver is a fraud and the Cowboys will expose them this weekend.

Rams at 49ers: 49ers. Duh.

Chargers at Steelers: Steelers. I think the Chargers coming east for a game will work against them and the Steelers are due for a break out game. I look for Timmons to have a big day on defense.


Packers at Vikings: Vikings. My heart says the Packers can pull of this upset, my head says that's bull. If this was just about Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers I would feel confident in picking the Packers. But its not. The Vikings' defense gets after the quarterback and the Packers offensive line looks like a sieve right now. Not only that but of course the Vikings have Adrian Peterson to go along with Favre and so far nobody has really shut him down. Then you factor in that this is a Monday Night Football game and the Vikings are home in the dome and you just have to go with the Vikings. As a side note I don't think Favre will play well and I would bet that he throws at least one interception but in the end his team will play better than the Packers.

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