Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Jets Just Got Scarier

I know most people will focus on the Braylon Edwards trade today in talking about the New York Jets, but the most important story for that team is the return of Calvin Pace in my opinion. Pace was one of their big free agent aquisition last year and the guy did not dissappoint. He had 5 forced fumbles to go along with 7 sacks after collecting 6.5 sacks the year before. And keep in mind that the Jets defense didn't come close to blitzing as much in 2008 as they are on pace to do this year. I imagine they Pace should be fresh as hell too after having the first four weeks of serving a suspension for taking a ban substance and this is the part of the year when most guys start having a hard time rolling out of bed in the morning. As good as the Jets' defense has been playing just imagine if he had been out there with them. Some of those many pressures they have put on the quarterback would probably have come home as sacks. As a fan of defense I gotta say that I am really excited to see what they can do the rest of the season.

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