Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Attitude

I have been saying since the preseason that Greg White is the best and most consistent pass rusher on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster. So far in the regular season he has done nothing but support that assertion. Although he doesn't have a sack on the season, he consistently beats his guy in one on one situations and he gets good rush even on early downs versus play action. Even though he isn't getting sacks if you watch the games you know the opposing quarterbacks are feeling him.

So to see him still be hard on himself for not coming home with the sacks actually makes the defensive lineman in me just break out in a kool aid smile.

"It's very frustrating for me. I'm getting close," White said. "I felt I'm doing more than last year, but I can't get one. I hope it comes in bunches. I hope if I get one in Philly, I get four. I apologize, because I really want to perform better than my stats say."

Coach Raheem Morris could not be happier with White's sentiments, and he said his defensive end has the attitude he hopes every Bucs player shares.

"I'm glad to hear that for two different reasons," Morris said. "Not because I feel like Stylez has been letting the team down. He's been doing the best job of getting pressure. He leads the team in pressures (10) and quarterback hurries, so I'm glad to hear his disappointment in something he's been doing well. ... That definitely lets me know we're going in the right direction with the people and how they think."

That is exactly the attitude every great pass rusher to have. Even when you are doing well and making good moves and getting hits on the quarterbacks, you just can't be satisfied with anything less than getting sacks and big plays and helping your team win. I still think we could be using him inside on third down rather than Jimmy Wilkerson, but either way I think before the year is out Greg will see those sacks come in bunches for him.

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