Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 7

I have nothing to say about last week. Nope, nothing at all...


Packers at Browns: Packers. Chad Clifton's back which means that an already hot Aaron Rodgers should be even better. The Browns just aren't a good team and the Packers will treat them as such.

Chargers at Chiefs: Chargers. The Chargers have so much talent its just hard to pick against them playing Chiefs even on the road. However its also hard to pick the Chargers because of how inconsistent they have been of the last few years. If I saw any signs of life in KC I probably would go with them but I just don't see them moving in the right direction. Consider this a Chargers by default pick.

49ers at Texans: 49ers. The 49ers are coming off a bye and they are going to get their battering ram, Frank Gore back. Even though they were dismantled by the Falcons a couple weeks ago I still like their defense a lot too. And really I think the Texans will find a way to lose this one. I am a little worried because of how Singletary handled the promotion of Michael Crabtree but I think if he comes out and makes some plays all will be forgiven.

Colts at Rams: Colts. Duh.

Vikings at Steelers. Steelers. This is a really tough pick for me but there are a few factors that make me think the Steelers will pull it out. First of all they are at home which means the game will be outside in the elements. Its one thing for that Vikings offense to put up big numbers inside an air conditioned dome on turf. Its quite another to do it in cold weather on green grass. Not only that, the Vikings are hurting in the secondary and the Steelers are really pushing the ball down the field well in the air. Not only that but with Rashard Mendenhall running the ball well now I would expect more balance in this game. This will be another game where I feel like Favre will get hit a lot and that will be a factor also.

Patriots at Bucs. Patriots. Duh.

Bills at Panthers. Panthers. The Panthers are playing a lot better on defense and a lot of that has to do with Julius Peppers going back over to left end. That spells trouble for a Bills offensive line that has already had its problems this year. Its also bad news for the Bills that after giving up a ton of rushing yards to Thomas Jones last week in the Jets game, they now have to face the dynamic duo of DeAngelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart. If there is a chance for them to win this game it will have to be because Jake Delhomme throws a ton of picks. But I think at this point the Panthers just aren't going to have him throw the ball as much and instead lean heavily on their run game.

Jets at Raiders. Jets. The Raiders had a huge upset win over the Eagles last year but I imagine that after Thomas Jones' big day last week that the Jets won't make the same mistake of not running the ball at that Raiders defense. Not only that but I don't think JaMarcus Russell will handle all of those Jets blitzes well.

Bears at Bengals. Bengals. This was also a tough call for me. The Bengals losing last week at home to the Texans was very dissappointing and somewhat of a head scratcher but I think they bounce back this week with the help of Cedric Benson. I thought prior to the regular season starting that Benson would end up shocking a lot of people. He showed glimpses last year of being a dominating runner and he has carried it over into this season. Now with his former team coming to town, a team that he contends tried to black ball him from playing in the league, I have to believe that he is going to play with a chip on his shoulder. It won't help the Bears that they re down to their 4th string set of linebackers either.

Falcons at Cowboys. Cowboys. I will admit that this is a bit of a homer pick for me but I really do think the Cowboys will win. They are finally health again in the backfield although Marion Barber fractured his thumb. That means they will be running the all a LOT at a somewhat undersized Falcons defense. The Falcons are also hurting in the secondary with the loss of Brian Williams which could mean a big day for Jason Witten. The Cowboys defense will have its hands full trying to cover Tony Gonzales, but I think that overall they will be able to contain the Falcons offense. I am also looking for Miles Austin to show that his huge game against the Chiefs was not just a fluke.

Saints at Dolphins. Saints. The Dolphins secondary is the weakest link. The Dolphins offense will likely play keep away again but I am not so sure that it will be as successful against the blitz happy Saints defense. But as was the case with the Colts game, the problem will end up being that they won't be able to keep up scoring with the Saints no matter how long they hold the ball.

Cardinals at Giants. Giants. The Giants should bounce back big time on defense this week and have a huge day against the Cardinals. One little known secret is that the winds at the Meadowlands make it almost impossible to throw the ball when you are on offense going in one direction. That means the team with the better running game is likely to win the game. The Cardinals have been tough against the run all year. But I don't think they will hold up well against Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.


Eagles at Redskins. Eagles. The Redskins are going with an offensive coordinator who doesn't even know all the plays? C'mon Son! Get the bleep outta here with that.

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