Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Night Football

Just in case you forgot there is a NFL game tonight, the Bears at the 49ers. For those people playing fantasy football you definitely want to set your teams some time during the day today lest you lose some points. As for the game here is my prediction.

Bears at 49ers: 49ers. I actually wanted to pick the Bears on this one. I have ties to several of the coaches and front office types in Chicago and if their season gets any worse they might be out of there. But unfortunately I couldn't really find a good reason to pick them tonight. They have so many injuries, especially on defense, and the 49ers have this power running game that is going to go right at them tonight. Not only that but the 49ers will be at home, they are playing a 3-4 defense which always presents some unique problems and even moreso on a short week, and their head coach just so happens to be a former hall of fame player for the Bears. It just seems like to me that too many cards are stacked against the Bears tonight. I will say this though, thursday night games are notoriously unpredictable so if you are in a confidence league I wouldn't assign a lot of points to this game either way.

I will have the rest of my picks as usual tomorrow before noon. Good luck!

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