Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep People's Names Out Ya Mouth

I have been very supportive of Raheem Morris as Head Coach for the Bucs this year. Even though the season has sucked and there is a lot that I would have done differently I still feel like he has a lot of potential in leading this team. But stuff like this has got to stop.

"Missing curfew after the game....I set a curfew and a couple players after the game went out to eat with their teammates and their wives,'' coach Raheem Morris said during his weekly radio show. "It's an opportunity for me to give them the business and straighten some things out internally...It's just that Aqib Talib has been in the news and he's a big name.''

Not to excuse Talib, because he has a well-documented history of doing the wrong things, but NFL teams are more concerned with players missing curfew BEFORE the game.

Morris said Talib still has a lot of growing up to do.

"You've got to weigh character with a man's God-given ability to play this game,'' Morris said. "Has he made mistakes? Yes, He has. Has he made some as a Buccaneer? Yes, he has.

"He has to get better and we've got to contunue to get better...We had a bunch of players like him in the past. To mention one, Warren Sapp. He grew up and became a man.''

Look every coach has to have his own way of discipling players, but I for one definitely feel like Morris has let this Talib situation get away from him. With a guy who came into the league with so much baggage prior to even playing a down and then for him to be in trouble several times since he was drafted this is the kind of thing that should call for immediate punishment in my honest opinion. But hey, just because the guy beat up a cabbie and then turned around and missed a curfew who am I to tell Morris how to run his team?

But what you DON'T need to do is keep trying to compare your situation to former Bucs players and coaches to try to justify where you are at. I played with Sapp for 6 years and yeah he was far from perfect. But he for damn sure wasn't getting arrested for beating up cabbies. He for damn sure wasn't hitting his teammates in the head with helmets. He for DAMN SURE wasn't missing curfew either.

It was bad enough when Morris took a shot at Coach Dungy who I believe took the Bucs to the NFC championship and won a Superbowl with Indy the last time I checked. But this is really getting out of hand now.

Do everyone a favor Coach Morris, just focus on the people who are there now. I think you have enough trouble on your hands right now than to keep pointing the finger at folks who won a lot of games for the Bucs and helped turn that franchise around.

That's real talk.

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