Monday, November 9, 2009

Memphis Should "Get Strong"

With the news today that Memphis has fired head football coach Tommy West I would strongly suggest that they go after Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong with whatever it takes to get him. The guy is immenently qualifed and at this point the SEC has shown that their teams aren't interested in hiring him (and we all know why).

With his background on defense he can quickly turn the program around while he builds up a new offense with new players. And with him coming from Florida he can open up recruiting lanes that they have never had at Memphis. And finally they can have a program at that school that reflects the level of talent in the Memphis area which is a much overlooked hot bed of football talent.

Because higher level schools are basically discriminating against Strong this would be the perfect time to get him where he can build his resume and you won't have to break the bank to pay him.

To me this should be a no brainer and hopefully somebody in their athletic department feels the same way.

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