Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 11

To quote myself "Football will make liars of us all!"

Now that we got that outta the way...


Dolphins at Panthers: Panthers. Like I said last week, Thursday games are notoriously hard to pick. The only reason I am going with Carolina is because the Dolphins are hurting right now with Ronnie Brown being out the rest of the season. But who knows, if Delhomme goes out and starts serving up picks again it could be anybody's game.


Browns at Lions: Lions. I think the Browns defense will matchup well with the Lions offense but I don't think Joshua Cribbs is gonna play and that means that their offense which was already awful will be positively putrid. Thats not even taking into account how his absence will effect them on special teams. Oh and by the way Cleveland, PAY THAT MAN!

49ers at Packers: 49ers. The Packers just aren't that good of a team, last week's Dallas game non withstanding. I think the 49ers are going to pound them with the run and their defense is going to really get after Rodgers whose offensive line is still definitely a weak point.

Steelers at Chiefs: Steelers. I have a feeling this game will be closer than it should be but the Steelers will pull it out in the end.

Redskins at Cowboys: Cowboys. C'mon Son!

Falcons at Giants: Giants. Take a dome team outdoors in November and December and they don't usually like that. Besides that, without a healthy Michael Turner I don't have a lot of confidence in the Falcons offense.

Saints at Bucs: Saints. Unfortunately the Saints probably had their wakeup call last week when the Rams almost upset them. Because of that I don't think they will come into Raymond James with their guard down. And the Saints hitting on all cylinders right now are just better than the Bucs hitting on all cylinders. It won't be the blowout that many believe though. Antonio Bryant might have a really big day after taking the last two games off to rest his knee.

Bills at Jaguars: Jaguars. The Jaguars are the most schizo team I have ever seen. I knew they were going to bite me in the arse last week and sure enough they did. This game is kind of hard to pick because you just don't know how the firing of Dick Jauron will affect the Bills. Will the go out now and play harder for the interim guy? Or will he take more risks than normal? Oh well I am just gonna go with the Jags and hope they show up two games in a row for a change.

Colts at Ravens: Colts. I was kind of leaning towards an upset by the Ravens earlier in the week but then I thought about how bad the Ravens offense looked on Monday night. Now Im almost sure that the Colts won't go undefeated this year, sooner or later their rash of injuries are going to have to catch up with them right? Still until they show me they can lose I am not going to pick them to do so.

Seahawks at Vikings: Vikings. Duh.

Cardinals at Rams: Cardinals. This is going to be closer than necessary, at least for awhile. Division game and the Rams are actually playing better. But the Cardinals are too stacked right now.

Chargers at Broncos: Chargers. The Broncos haven't looked all that great the last 2 or 3 games and if Orton doesn't play they have no shot of winning. If Orton does start I still don't think they will beat a Chargers team that is dangerous as hell on offense with all its weapons now balling out and a defense that is starting to get after people. Funny because a few weeks back people were seriously doubting the Chargers and pumping up the Broncos and their rookie head coach Josh McDaniels. Now both teams have the exact same record, go figure.

Bengals at Raiders: Bengals. This has all the earmarks of a trap game. New starting quarterback in Oakland. Cedric Benson might be out or at least slowed by injury. West coast trip. But I actually believe in this Bengals team. They have showed me they are for real so I am riding with them.

Jets at Patriots: Patriots. The Jets haven't seemed to ever recover from losing their all world nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Even though they won games after that they never again looked dominant the way they did early on. Well I don't think this game will do anything to help their confidence. The Patriots offense has finally shook the rust off and is back to giving defensive coordinators all kinds of nightmares and headaches. The defense has been quietly getting back to putting in work too since they got Jerrod Mayo back from injury. I think this will be a very physical hard fought contest but I fully expect the Patriots to win by at least a touchdown.

Eagles at Bears: Eagles. Jay Cutler + Eagles blitzing defense = lots and lots of picks. This could get ugly, REAL ugly. I hope the Bears at least keep it competitive because I don't want Lovie Smith to lose his job, but I am just not sure that is gonna happen.


Titans at Texans: Titans. Everything in my head is telling me that this will be the game Vince Young comes back to earth. He is going to be going back home which is a problem in and of itself. And the Texans have a high powered offense. But dammit I am riding with VY an the Titans! Monday Night Football, under all the lights and on a big stage I expect VY to shine on these fools. He has been waiting for over a year now to show what he could do and all kinds of folks were hating on him and doubting his skill set and yet he just kept working. Of course it helps when you have a back like Chris Johnson putting in work too but say whatever you want to say, Kerry Collins had the same guy lined up behind him and wasn't getting it done. Like his own head coach said earlier this week, this is a new VY. And I expect to see that new guy lead his team to victory on Monday night.

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