Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 10

Well I am up 1-0 so far for the weekend, hopefully the win tonight will give me momentum going into the weekend.


Saints at Rams: Saints. Duh

Bucs at Dolphins: Dolphins. I think the Bucs are going to have a good showing this weekend but the Miami strengths just so happen to coincide with the Bucs weaknesses. I look for Miami to pound the rock right at the Bucs defense and stay out of third and long and their defense will get off the bus blitzing the rookie QB Josh Freeman. Now last week I picked against the Bucs and they won the game. I hope that they pull it off again, but I just don't see it happening.

Lions at Vikings: Vikings. Duh

Jaguars at Jets: Jets. This game makes me more nervous than it should because the Jags are such a shizo team. One week they look great, the next week they look horrible. I am taking the Jets at home though because I think overall they are just the better team.

Bills at Titans: Titans. Make of it what you will but Vince Young is now 2-0 as a starter this year and for whatever reason the team is playing a lot better. The Bills just haven't looked good this year even in their wins and I think by the end of Sunday VY will have the Titans on a 3-0 run.

Bengals at Steelers: Steelers. The Steelers defense is back and you can attribute a lot of that to the return of safety Troy Polomalu from injury. But their offense isn't half stepping either and I don't think people are really noticing how much Rashad Mendenhall's running is helping to open things up for the passing game. Teams are having to commit extra people in the box to try to take him away witch leaves a lot of single coverage out wide. As much as I think the Bengals are an improved team I just don't see them sweeping the Steelers with a victory at Heinz field.

Broncos at Redskins: Broncos. Duh.

Falcons at Panthers: Falcons. I have a really funny feeling about this one. My brain tells me the Falcons will win this won pretty easily but I worry that the Panthers are gonna stand up at home. Still I am going with my brain on this one, Falcons win one way or another.

Chiefs at Raiders: Chiefs. Flip a coin, sheesh.

Eagles at Chargers: Chargers. The Eagles have to go cross country on this trip and they may well not have Brian Westbrook again for this game. And the Chargers just so happen to have some corners that I think will match up well with Philly's wideouts. I also think that Antonio Gates is going to have a field day when the Eagles blitz so if you have him on your fantasy team you definitely want to start him this week. Write it down, take a picture, I don't give a .......

Seahawks at Cardinals: Cardinals. The Cardinals are hitting on all cylinders on offense and defense now and the Seahawks have just had to many injuries this year (again). Cards in a laugher.

Cowboys at Packers: Cowboys. It has become apparent to me that the Packers are pretenders. Their defensive scheme does not take advantage of the talent that they have and they refuse to really commit to running the ball on offense even when they are dominating. I expect the Cowboys to go in there and really bring a smash mouth attitude and pull out a close win.

Patriots at Colts: Patriots. Randy Moss and Wes Welker against two rookie corners? Not a good look. Don't get me wrong, I think Peyton and the Colts will get theirs too but I think the Patriots will make a few more stops on defense and steal one in Indianapolis


Ravens at Browns: Ravens. Duh

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