Friday, November 6, 2009

Hot Off The Presses: Week 9

I am feeling the home cooking this week.


Redskins at Falcons: Falcons. The Redskins clown care pulls up to Atlanta this week and really most people are just waiting to see how bad its going to get there before the season is over.

Cardinals at Bears: Bears. The Bears will have homefield advantage working for them and I am not convinced that the Cardinals are a team equipped to play in the elements. The Bears are going to really get after Kurt Warner and I think that pass rush is going to affect him big time. I look for Cutler to have a pretty big day and stay away from the high risk throws.

Ravens at Bengals: Bengals. The Bengals are an up and down team but I think they matchup well with the Ravens. They have a lot of weapons on offense and they can exploit Baltimore's suspect secondary. I also think the Bengals defense doesn't get enough credit for the work they have put in this year and they will do a good job of shutting down that Ravens offense.

Texans at Colts: Colts. The injury to Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson is going to really affect their secondary but I think as a team they just have too many weapons for the Texans.

Dolphins at Patriots: Patriots. The Patriots have their mojo back and now that they have had an opportunity to heal up a bit I look for them to come out like gangbusters. It won't hurt that they will have the homefield advantage either. The Dolphin secondary has been suspect all year and I think the Patriots having their wide receivers healthy and Tom Brady having his rhythm back spells big trouble for them.

Packers at Bucs: Packers. Duh.

Chiefs at Jaguars: Jaguars. This is a tossup game honestly because the Jaguars are the biggest frauds in the NFL. They only get the nod because they are at home.

Lions at Seahawks: Lions. With Calvin Johnson back in the lineup I look for a better than their record Lions team to shock the Seahawks.

Panthers at Saints: Saints. This pick makes me nervous considering the recent history of Panthers success in the Superdome combined with the resurgence of Julius Peppers since he moved back to left end. But I just think that right now there isn't any stronger complete team than the Saints. On offense defense and special teams they can take it to anybody. So I look for this to be a lot closer than most folks think but the Saints pull it out at the end.

Chargers at Giants: Giants. Chargers. Ok I just changed my mind on this pick. The Giants secondary is shady and the Chargers have a bunch of power forwards playing wide receiver. Combine that with Darren Sproles being a weapon in the return game and I think the Chargers will shock the Giants at home. I know a west coast team coming east has a hard time getting up for the game but the matchups simply favor the Chargers in this one.

Titans at 49ers: 49ers. I like that the Titans won their first game with Vince Young at quarterback last week but I think their defense will once again be exposed by Frank Gore and the 49ers running game. I think Vince takes a couple steps back this week as well as the 49ers secondary will probably pick him off a time or two.

Cowboys at Eagles: Eagles. My heart says Cowboys but my head just watched the Eagles destroy the Giants at home. The Eagles are going to blitz the hell out of Tony Romo and I think he will end up making some big mistakes again. On offense the Eagles have so many weapons that they may well expose a still pretty young Cowboys secondary. And DeSean Jackson is likely to make yet another game breaking play in the return game. The Cowboys will hang for awhile but the Eagles will pull out this crucial NFC East showdown.


Steelers at Broncos: Broncos. I really want to pick the Steelers here but the Broncos are too impressive at home. I know that the Broncos really took it on the chin last week in Baltimore but I spent too much time this year off the bandwagon to now turn around and jump off one week in. This team just wins and I think they will do that again this week.

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