Monday, October 4, 2010

Brian Price To Get More Playing Time

Today someone asked Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris during his press conference about Brian Price and if he might be seeing some more playing time this week. His answer was encouraging.

Reporter: Price looked like he flashed against Pittsburgh. Do you envision getting him more snaps over Sims and Roy Miller?

Coach Morris: Yeah I really do. I don't know about over Roy. You know Roy is the starting nosetackle and Price has a role. And Price is kind of that third down rusher. And Price goes in there and spells Roy when you're talking about first and second down because he creates a different kind of element of speed and creates a different kind of mismatch for that center. So if those two guys can get their snaps somewhat more, somewhat equal. Or however the game dictates and however the game plays out, that's where I want to go with Price. But he is one of those young ascending dynamic players that really got his feet wet at the beginning of the season. You know, fought through the injury all off season. You know, starting to get healthy and starting to get back to where he can play numerous amounts of plays. And you know, getting used to this Tampa heat. And all those things are starting to happen. So he's another one of those young exciting players that we like to talk about.

So far this season Price has seen work as both the backup nosetackle in base defense and on third downs when we went to a three man line. But because Roy Miller only plays on first and second down most of the time Price hasn't been needed to spell him that much on base defense. Also we haven't really gone with enough three man line on third and long for him to be able to make a big impact on the games.

The truth is I can't see how either of those situations will change any time soon. So from where I am sitting if the Bucs plan on giving Price more reps it will probably have to come on third downs with a four man line where Kyle Moore has been playing so far. I can't say I'm 100% sure about that but it would absolutely be the right move. No matter what you think of Kyle Moore as our starting left end, you just can not make a serious case that he is a better inside pass rusher than Price. And that means every time we go a four man rush on third and long and Price isn't in there we really aren't giving ourselves the best chance to win.

Now maybe I'm seeing too much into Coach Morris' comments because I WANT that to be what he means. That is a definite possibility. But its only because it makes all the sense in the world to give him more reps doing what he does best, pass rushing.

We will find out Sunday if that is in fact the plan and you can bet that I will be paying close attention...


  1. Excellent piece. Thanks for posting. I'll be keeping an eye on that situation as well.

  2. IMO, they'd play Crowder at LDE, rotate McCoy/Miller/Price, use Bennett to spell both DE spots, and Moore as a DE backup and a DT backup instead of Sims. Moore could be our Zuttah of the D-line. With Crowder/White/Bennett at DE rotation, they shouldn't need to slide McCoy out to DE unless it's a 3-4 alignment.

  3. Tampa must get a pass rush, and Price gives them a better chance.