Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Minor Special Teams Shake Up

The Bucs released punter Chris Bryan yesterday. It was a move that had to happen. With a young offense and a marginally older defense all of our special teams have to be strong for us so that we have the best opportunity to win. The last two weeks Bryan had squandered opportunities to pin teams inside the 20 several times and he also wasn't getting much hang time which gave returners more of an opportunity to return against us. Not sure who will replace him at this point but I'd put money on Brent Bowden coming back.

Also its being reported that the Bucs are looking to switch kickoff returners. I like Michael Spurlock a lot and he has a very inspiring story of perseverance. But so far this year he hasn't really hit the holes hard enough on kickoff returns. Me personally Id like to see Kareem Huggins given the opportunity. He seems to be more like the traditional kick off returners who have a lot of straight line speed and hit the holes hard without hesitation. I honestly couldn't understand why he wasn't returning kickoffs in the preseason. If he is going to be on our team we need to use him as a weapon otherwise what's the point?

Just my opinion of course.

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  1. I like Michael Spurlock too, and think we should use him more, maybe even in the wildcat, since he was a QB in College! he is a true gamer, and no Tampa Fan will ever forget the game saving catch he just made.