Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Adam Schefter reports via twitter:
Trade is done: Randy Moss to Minnesota for a third-round pick. Details on ESPN's Sportscenter at 9 a.m.

If you know me personally or have been following this blog for a long time you know that I have always been a big time fan of Randy Moss. Hell as a player I got to see first hand what he could do to a defense and how he made you prepare to play against him. Trust me, that wasn't fun at all.

But ever since his first game in Minnesota defenses have tried to find ways to shut him down and yet he still finds ways to put up numbers. Simply put he is the most physically gifted and impressive wide receiver that I have ever seen. I know because of his attitude that he isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I don't think you can name a person who can or has done the things he has on the football field. And I know the fact that he doesn't block all the time irritates folks but look at it this way, when Moss is on the field most teams are loath to play with 8 men in the box for fear he will..well.. Moss them. So in a round about sort of way he's blocking one guy just by being on the field.


But like all wide receivers Moss needs a quarterback. And not just any kind of quarterback either. He needs a guy with a strong arm AND who has some gunslinger in them. Think back to his best days in Minnesota and his first year in New England (we're going to skip that whole Raiders debacle). He had Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, a young Daunte Culpepper, and a Tom Brady who wanted to put up big numbers. Those guys would see Moss running into double coverage and still throw it up to him because they knew he would still go and make a play on the ball. Its only when Moss has quarterbacks who get nervous about getting picked off that his numbers drop off a little. That's what eventually happened with Culpepper and its also what happened with Brady since that magical 2007 season.

Now Moss gets to go to a Vikings team with Brett Favre that is starving for a play maker in the passing game. And one thing about Favre, he's not only a gunslinger but he will also feed certain guys the ball. If he stays healthy I would bet you there won't be another game this season where he catches fewer than three balls and that's probably a conservative estimate. Favre is going to find him, especially on deep balls.

Then you have to remember that Sidney Rice will be back in a few weeks. If he is truly healthy then that tandem of he and Moss is going to be hell on defenses. And that's before you get to the tight end Visante Shiancoe, the slot guy in Percy Harvin and of course that monster in the backfield, Adrian Peterson. Hell think about this for a few minutes, if Rice does comeback playing like he did last year will there have ever been an offense that was more talented at the skill positions?

If you can think of one please leave it in the comments. But make sure its not an answer that will make me clown you.

There are still some variables at play here. How long will it take Moss to learn the playbook and get a rapport with Favre? Can Favre stay healthy? What about the secondary on defense? But let me tell you, if I was a betting man Id bet big that the Vikings will represent the NFC in the Superbowl this year.

Oh and by the way, the Vikings play the Jets this weekend. What do you want to bet that Revis Island is still closed for repairs? LOL

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  1. The move to pick up Moss immediately makes the Vikings a threat to contend for the division. They were missing Sydney Rice, and this should give Favre the weapon he needs to push the ball down the field. The Vikings have a very tough upcoming schedule, but if the can survive they will be the team to beat a month from now.

  2. I can only give you a team that THOUGHT they had that kind of talent... and we play them this week. The Bengals were supposed to be an offensive powerhouse with T.O., OchoCinco, and Bryant, with Gresham at TE and Benson running the ball. Well, Bryant went down before he even got started. And the one component they forgot was the "Gunslinger". Carson Palmer has always been given more credit than he deserves. Must be a USC thing. So, instead of being a powerhouse, they're just offensive.

  3. This is Wienaman in Joebucfan's football pool, so that I am not posting anonymously. Anyway, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Roland Williams...well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad, Shiancoe isn't a future HoF'er either.

  4. There's a couple offenses I can make an argument for. The combination of Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, John Taylor was pretty devastating.

    What about Randy Moss and Cris Carter as a duo? They destroyed the league in Moss's rookie season until getting stopped by a missed field goal from a kicker who hadn't missed one that season. Their only loss came against the Bucs, a game you (Steve White) played in. Heh.

    And of course the nearly perfect Patriots of '07 deserve a mention too.

    I think Moss is still a great receiver, but he has lost something from years past. Couple that with Rice's injury issues and Harvin's inability to produce this season so far and I don't think this offense qualifies yet as the most talented in the history of the game.

  5. @Wienaman

    I think that having Shiancoe potentially would give this Minnesota team the edge. He's a beast in the passing game and the Rams just didn't have anybody that was his equivalent. I also think that Harvin, when healthy, is better than whomever they had in the slot. But that was definitely a good choice.


    That's another good choice. Rice and Taylor were definitely beasts. I think AD is better than Craig though and I also can't even remember who the slot receiver was for the 49ers in 3 WR sets.

    I don't think the 07 Patriots qualify because other than Moss and Welker its easy to forget who else was on that offense other than Brady. I mean I love football but I can't honestly tell you who started at Running Back for them that year without thinking on it for awhile.

    Again this is all about POTENTIAL. Harvin and Rice may never get truly healthy this season. But boy if they do the Vikings are going to be fun to watch!

  6. Adrian Peterson just got a whole lot better with Moss to worry about!