Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Week Five Leader

I'm beginning to think Top Dog should be working in Vegas lol. Also it appears that I don't do so well when I talk trash. Ended up dropping a spot to 4th thanks to a strong showing by Sander. That's ok though because I'm going to start being a silent but deadly killer.

Oh and by the way, Bucball, Hot Tub Dave, and JonesDrewOverTheCuckoosNest you guys have one more week to make picks. If you don't I'm making an executive decision and removing you from the league.

Just a heads up.

Don't forget to get your picks in today!!!


  1. TopDog's run is ridiculous - there's no way he can keep that up. Time for me to move up and get to first place this week!

  2. Steve your writing is great but your blog really sucks! I'm sure you can get one of the other bucs fan sites to give you a spot to post your work which doesn't have broken links and which doesn't lack a table of contents. I come here and I can only see this one post about your pickem league or whatever.

    Why don't you head over to and ask them to make you a spot..

  3. Steve, waiting for your Bull Rush column and Good Bad and Ugly after that ugly loss. Where are you man, please show up and tell me anything positive about this team, I feel like throwing up after watching our defense.

  4. @BucsNBeer

    I appreciate the comment but I'm happy here with my sucky blog. Thanks

  5. @Jonny

    Doing something different today that takes a little more time but I think you will appreciate it. Not sure if it will make you feel any better though.

  6. Thanks for the quick response, eagerly waiting to read some good stuff.