Thursday, September 30, 2010

Your Week Three Leader

Ok maybe I didn't make this clear but trash talking IS allowed in this fantasy football pick em league.  Preferrably in the comments of these posts each week so we can all join in.  Its been wayyyy too quiet for my liking.  I'll tell you this much, after a terrible week one for me I am now officially kicking asses with steel toe boots on and taking names!  I wasn't number 1 this week but I finished just behind our week 3 champ ....uhmmm ...the uhmm....Butt Water Drinkers?

Yeah.....that name....LMAOOOO

Anyway yall had better get on your hustle because the I'm trying to run away with this thing by the middle of the season.

Alternately, what happened to Top Dog this week?

Remember to make your picks and good luck this weekend!!! 


  1. I'd love to do some trash talking, but besides whooping your butt in week one with my mediocre score, I'm just in the middle of the pack.

    My strategy is slow and steady. If I can just stay consistent and prevent any sorry 13 point weekends like you Steve, I think I will be at the top of the board at the end of the season.


  2. You've got to know I'm going to be number one after this weekend. I mean really, you may be ahead of me now, but this week I'm going to climb to the top! You're going to have to have a 60-point week to stay ahead of me, and probably a perfect one, and I know that isn't happening!

  3. See here's the thing. Week one its hard to say how teams will transition from playing in the preseason to playing in the regular season so I missed on a bunch of teams who played well in the preseason then faltered when the real bullets started flying. But at this point I have a much better handle on how each team looks from week to week. Since we are dropping the lowest week the rest of you guys are basically playing for second place. All I have to do is catch TopDog in a couple of more weeks and then Im going to mash the gas and leave ALL OF YALL in my dust. All I ask is that once you are 100 points back or so that everyone keeps playing all the way to the end lol

  4. TopDog pulled a Martha Stewart. I'm afraid to trash talk anyone named Butt water drinkers but for the rest of you.....IT WILL GET REAL DUSTY TRAILING!!!!

  5. If I don't end up as week 4 leader I'd like to suggest suspending TopDog for next 2 weeks!!! LOL,