Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Thoughts

Helluva win on the road against the Bengals. We werent' perfect but we made the plays when it counted. All three guys who screwed up redeemed themselves, Sabby, Mike Williams, and Spurlock. Freeman took a bunch of punishment but came up huge in the clutch. The D continues to struggle getting pass rush without a blitz which we are going to have to fix. We seemed a little under prepared for the no huddle also. I don't know how long Sean Jones will be out but we missed him a lot today against the run. We also should have gone with some running back screens and max protection some against the blitzes from the Bengals.

But you know what? None of that really matters right now. At 3-1 this team is for real and people HAVE to take notice. I don't give a damn about what went wrong, I'm going to enjoy this WIN!!!


  1. it was awesome.
    here was I, thinking that my only fun this night will be bashing Sabby for another weak game, and then came that INT.
    I was actually mad at him for a moment cause he didnt went down, I was scared crapless that he is gonna fumble it, I didnt realize first how far did he take that ball back. :D
    and ladies and gentlemen: we might have a go-to WR. Who would have thought so a couple of months back? okay, not perfect yet, but you can just throw ball into his vicinity with a good hope of him getting it.

  2. I'll enjoy it so far as it's a win against a team better than any we've played so far. It was ugly, and watching Benson run through us makes my stomach turn.

    Seeing Freeman's look on his face like he's been tag teamed by a couple UFC heavyweights did not make me happy. He's one tough kid.

    Our O-line is pathetic, period. We're not gonna have a lot of good, fun games to watch this year with the O-line playing like that.

    Nice to see we have a franchise QB, a potentially great WR, some good young talent. It's just hard to imagine a playoff run this year unless the O-line plays better and the D learns to stop the run.

  3. Great game! It was sloppy but we made plays.Ruud,Stylez didnt play well.Ruud has to play more physical.Stylez needs more than one move!Zuttah looked good at center.We need OL depth,Go get Logan Mankins!!!!