Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Week 6 Leader

Oh yeah, that would be.....MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Yep, told yall I was making my move and Ive climbed all the way up to a distant 2nd place,

TopDog is still killing us all though so its kinda a moot point. Still I'm having fun with it and I hope you are too. Be sure to get your picks in this before Sunday.

Trash talk as always is welcome in the comments.


  1. Well last sunday didn't exactly go as planned. Come on, Peyton, you can only win by 3 points against the Skins? Weak.

    I'm on your heels, Steve, and TopDog will...ehm...never be caught because he's prescient or something.

  2. At least I had a lead halfway on Sunday. ...........2 weeks ago

  3. I'd watch out for Ireland75. I'm right on your heals, Steve. Both you and TopDog can't afford to have a bad week because you both already dropped a really bad one, and you'd be stuck with that score.

    Ya'll might as well call me turtle, cause I am slow and steady. I'll keep getting my 50 and 60 point weeks, and when you slip, I'll be there to say see ya sucker.

  4. our week 6 leader got 6 points halway through Sunday hahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Steve, my man, I know you like some Blount. How about Gerald Mccoy, I thought he has a lot quicker off the snap and penetrated better than before.

  6. You haven't posted one for this week yet, but just wanted to gloat a bit...

    Look who is in 2nd place now ;)