Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Was Wrong, But... Continued

After my initial take on the Buccaneers' roster moves to get down to 53 they made several more moves to change the roster. Before I go any further though I want to quote from that post.
There is still the chance that there will be more changes in the days to come after other teams release their players but for now there are some things that worry me.

I appreciate all the comments concerned that I was jumping the gun but I allowed for the fact that there might be more moves forthcoming and that my reaction was just to the roster as it stood at that time.

Now that we got that outta the way.

Since that post we have cut wide receiver Reggie Brown, running back Clifton Smith, punter Brent Bowden, and offensive lineman Derek Hardeman. We added running backs LeGarrette Blount, Kregg Lumpkin, offensive lineman Ted Larsen and punter Chris Bryan.

I think the moves are fine as far as it goes, but my fundamental worries are still the same. The numbers still seem to be out of whack. We cut Peanut but brought in not one but two running backs to replace him. We trade one offensive lineman for another and we got back to a regular number of 6 for wide receivers. We still only have 8 offensive linemen on the roster though. And we still have 5 safeties on the roster as well even though I seriously doubt we are going to use all 5 on Sundays this season.

On top of that we swapped our rookie sixth round punter for another rookie punter and while I haven't actually seen Bryan punt I have to point out that neither guy has ever punted in a NFL regular season game. That is probably the most worrisome move of all!

I'm still optimistic about the season and for the most part these moves shouldn't affect whether we win the game but they still are very curious to me and I for one have a hard time explaining them.


  1. Maby they are going to look at Lumpin and Blount and just keep one of them.

  2. I am excited by the Legarret Blount signing Steve!
    That dude will flat cold cock people who talk smack to him. John Lynch mentioned that Mike Alstott gave Tampa a physical presence we have not had since he left.