Monday, September 20, 2010

Well It Won't Be Dennis Dixon

Per Adam Schefter

Steelers QB Dennis Dixon tore his lateral meniscus cartilage, will get a second opinion. Likely arthroscopic surgery, out a few weeks.

Sorry to hear that the young man was injured yesterday but honestly it probably helps our prospects this weekend. Whether its Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch that gets the call neither guy is all that mobile. I'm sure they are going to lean heavily on their running game but if we get them in third and long they are going to have to throw sooner or later and that's when we have to capitalize!


  1. Hey Steve - wishful thinking. Leftwich is our man, and while he's a pocket passer, he'll be ok. As you saw last week, we only need points on the board from special teams and the defense :)

    Seriously, we're not sleeping on y'all. I'm expecting another good game :)

    PS - dont think you can talk about my team and I won't see it lol

  2. I was hoping Leftwich would start,Stylz and the boys coming after him and that long and low wind-up of his.Sounds like a lot of turnovers to me. Their O-Line is not as good as the two we faced already.Put Aqib on Ward and bring Jones down in the box.Before the end of the game we might see Randle El at QB!
    Now for the Offense the Bucs have to be able to RUN THE BALL(I know this should go without saying).I hope the Bucs are considering making a trade for LOGAN MANKINS!!! He would make the left side solid to dominant.Mankins pulling with Joseph on the right would give Caddy some lanes and the sweep!Mankins is only 28 so he still fits the youth movement.He wouldn't help this week but after the Bye down the stretch he would be great.Dominik made a smart move trading for K2,this trade would be even better!
    GO BUCS!!!

  3. @Steelergurl

    Looks like its Batch after all lol Can you say trouble,trouble ;)