Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Totally Random Thoughts On The Bucs Vs Steelers Game

Two things just popped into my head about the Bucs game this weekend.

First, I hope that the Bucs keep Josh Freeman under center for most of the game.  The Steelers rely heavily on disguising their blitzes and their coverage and confusing opposing quarterbacks.  When a QB is in the gun, they have to take their eyes off of the receivers and the coverage for a split second so they can catch the snap. Its at that point when the Steelers' secondary guys can roll their coverages and wait for Freeman to throw the ball right to them.  If he is under center however, he gets to see the whole field the whole time while he is dropping back in the pocket.  It also allows him to run more rollout and bootleg plays.

My second thought is it would be great if the Bucs came out for the second half going no huddle on offense.  Get those big guys on the Steelers' D down here in that heat and they will melt.  And by waiting to spring it on them after half time you don't give them any time to make adjustments.  It will also prevent the Steelers from doing a lot of substitutions between plays in order to try and match up with our personnel.  We could just run a bunch of quick passes, maybe even screens.  Stuff that will make those guys have to run around 7 or 8 or 9 plays in a row.

If done correctly a no huddle attack will make those guys wilt in the fourth quarter and we are definitely going to need all the help and advantages we can get.


  1. Great read Steve.I Hope the Bucs Brass are listening.Casey Hampton will make his first start and I doubt he is going to be ready to play in the Fl. heat.I have heard that the O-linemen on the practice squad Carter is looking really Brutal like a real MAULER.I still think the Bucs should make the trade for Mankins,we need some depth on the O-Line!!!

  2. Good stuff, Steve. Hoping someone on the Buc's are reading your blogs.

  3. @Jester

    There is no way the Bucs are trading for Mankins after they just spent money on a left guard in Vincent. And honestly its been our tight ends and right guard Davin Joseph who have been the problems so Mankins wouldn't really help with that.

    As for Carter, I don't think anybody would have cut him had he been a world beater like that. But I guess we will see as time goes on.

  4. I started watching Texas Tech Red Raiders games to see Mike Leach coach and became a Brandon Carter fan! I'm happy to see him aboard.

  5. Steve, waiting desperately for your bull rush column after the loss.