Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 - 0 HATERS!!!

Here are my quick thoughts on the game.

-Right now its a lot of people in this area who are pissed off that Coach Morris and the Buccaneers are 2 - 0. Make sure you rub it in!

-The defense was balling and the pressure was there all day. Tim Crowder is pushing for more playing time every week.

-Much was made about us only playing Tampa 2 one time last week but me personally I would like to see more of it on 3rd down. Our pressure packages aren't always on point and our four man rush is getting pressure so why not let the guys rush?

-I still wish Quincy Black would get another step or two up field before he loops inside on a TEX but if the young man keeps hitting quarterbacks in the mouth like that I promise I won't complain too much lol.

-If anybody still had any doubts it should be apparent now that Josh Freeman is the real deal. He can do it with his arm and his legs and he's gonna give defenses fits all year.

-Mike Williams continues to defy any talk about rookie wide receivers not being able to perform at a high level. His run after the catch on the touchdown got me up out of my seat!

-When everything is said and done our linebacker corps might be seen as one of the best in all the NFL.

-It was good to see Aqib Talib get a pick in his first game back. Ronde also got his 2nd in as many games. We have to keep winning the turnover battle to help our young offense out. Crazy question, can Ronde make the Pro Bowl this year?

-Jerramy Stevens is as soft as puppy shit when it comes to run blocking. I'm surprised Caddy didn't get up and punch his ass in the mouth after he got him blown up today. Something has to give man, the guy isn't catch passes and he isn't blocking. What use is he?

That's all for now. I'll watch the game again and give my regular breakdowns tomorrow.


  1. Crowder deserve a game ball.

  2. Da Bucs are back!

    -- George C. Costanza

  3. It seemed like every tackle the Bucs made today had at least 6 guys on it. They really went up there and Punched Carolina right in the Kisser. I can't wait to read the breakdowns. Awesome win!

  4. Steve,

    Couldn't agree with you more about Stevens. Caddy almost got killed on that play. Two things that stick out at me on the Bucs defense. First, its good to see the boys gang tackling, getting a lot of hats on the ballcarriers. Back to the glory days there. Second, Coach Rah is doing a hell of job at halftime making adjustments and just shutting down opposing offenses.

    Can't wait to read more about your analysis of d-line. I thought McCoy played well again this week. Would like to see a little more of Price, but at 2-0, I ain't complaining. lol

  5. I was thinking the exact same thing about Stevens also. I mean Kellen Winslow sucks at blocking too but you have to look past that when the guy is one of the best pass catching TE's in the league. But Jerramy doesn't have that luxury. Right now I see acquiring a more well rounded backup TE as one of the bucs most pressing needs.

  6. 16-0 here we come!


    2-0 with a home game up next against a team with a less than stellar (Batch, Leftwich, Dixon) QB? 3-0 is very possible. It will be a good test for Free and the O against that Pitt. D.

    I love that the haters are, all of a sudden....

    Very quiet! Screw them.

    SW, is the lack of a rushing game on the RBs or is it the lack of solid blocking, including the TE?

  7. Man if this isn't the greatest Bucs blog ever then i must be crazy. All i can say is keep up the good work.

    For a second there i thought that Quint Black was Quincy Black's first single or something. Never heard it before just glad that Black has his mind on football and not shaking them haters off.