Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Spider Pulls It Out!!!

Chael Sonnen talked more trash than any fighter in UFC history leading up to Saturday's middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva.

Once he got Silva in the cage at UFC 117, he backed the talk up for four and a half rounds, dominating Silva until the champion finally managed to sink in a triangle choke that forced Sonnen to tap out in the fifth round.

"Chael had a hell of a fight tonight," Silva said afterward. "I knew that I was losing the first four rounds."

"It was a tough fight," Sonnen said afterward. "He's a tough guy. I came in second. What can I say? They gave me my chance and I came up short."

See now that Silva/Sonnen fight is EXACTLY why MMA>>>>Boxing at this point. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a guy that far down on the score cards come back and win in boxing? Ain't no running, and no stalling. Cats are going for broke every second of every fight. That means sometimes the guy that's down will have an opportunity to win.

I kept wondering why Silva wasn't attempting any triangles or arm bars but he slapped both on in one at the end. Chael attempted to act like he hadn't tapped...again. But nobody was buying it and while he fought a helluva fight for 4+ rounds, you ALWAYS have to be on guard against Silva.

Maybe there will be a rematch. I expect if there is Silva will look a lot better because he definitely didn't look like himself for most of the fight. Some of that was Sonnen for sure, but some of it was him.


  1. Best fight I've seen Silva in. Sonnen seemed to be much stronger and continually overpowered Silva on the mat, but left himself open a couple too many times to the Spider's clutches. No question we got our money's worth tonight. Dana White was all smiles and needs to have a rematch. I liked how Silva bowed at Sonnen's feet after the fight. Much respect earned in the octagon from two awesome fighters.

  2. I know Davin Joseph was a wrestler and likes MMA. I hope in a few more years he'll train and get there and whoop some butt. I would love to see Davin fight Brock Lesnar.

  3. Great post Steve. MMA is just so much more entertaining than boxing.
    I wonder, did you see the Jon Jones fight last weekend? That dude is ridiculous. He absolutely destroyed Matyushenko. I didn't know much about him, but he's going to be a force among light heavyweights for a long time. After watching that fight, the first Jones fight I've seen, all I could say was 'Wow.'

  4. let's hope it's an instant rematch Vitor Belfort isn't gonna give half the fight chael did.

    and lets face it Silva only fights hard when he tested and Vitor won't test him at all. i feel so sorry for chael i wanted a new MW champ


  5. Davin Joseph will have to cut his dreadlocks!
    Seriously, Vitor Belfort is a very unpredictable fighter. he absolutely knocked Vanderlei Silva senseless. If he comes out swinging against Silva, he may knock him senseless too. But with Belfort, you just never know.
    Sonnen was told he was winning, according to some MMA Blogs, and advised to just stay away from Silva in the last round, to get the decision.
    But Sonnen felt he might get a bad decision, and chose to engage Silva instead. Big Mistake!
    I would love to see a rematch, but Silva has been exposed now. He is no longer seen as the "unbeatable fighter" he once was.
    Just as Buster Douglass exposed Mike Tyson, Sonnen exposed Silva. This will give Belfort more confidence, and a confident Vitor Belfort can easily knock Silva out, just like he did to Vandelei.
    If I were fixing fights, I would have Belfort beat Silva. Then, Sonnen and Belfort fight, Belfort wins this one too. Then, Sonnen and Silva fight, Sonnen wins. Sonnen and Belfort fight for championship, Sonnen wins.
    Then, this sets up a championship rematch between Silva and Sonnen, for BIG Money.

    I learned all this from Don King!