Monday, August 9, 2010

After Strong Showing, Cowboys TE Phillips May Have Torn His ACL

Reports coming out of Dallas are that the Cowboy's tight end John Phillips probably tore his ACL last night in the Hall of Fame Game against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Its the part of the game that you hate to see because the guy made some really nice plays last night and looked to be pushing Martellius Bennett for the number 2 spot behind All Pro Jason Witten.

Bennett offends my sensibilities as a former player.  He has all the ability in the world but every time you see him he is lazy in everything he does.  Even when it comes to something as simple as breaking the huddle.  When everyone else is trotting up to the line you see him walking with no sense of urgency whatsoever.  The stuff he does off the field is irritating but to be honest I wouldn't care about all of that if I it ever looked like football mattered to him.  But since his rookie year I have seen nothing but the opposite.

Phillips looked to be a guy who at least had the potential to give the Cowboys a 2nd option at TE.  Who would block and bust his ass on every single play.  That he could run routes and catch was a decided plus.  I hope he gets well soon and comes back even stronger for next year.

For now though the other guy challenging Bennett is Scott Sicko who also had a decent game.  But as a rookie and a guy who contemplated not even playing football after he went undrafted, I'm not looking for much out of him this year.

So all of us Cowboys fans are probably stuck with Bennett for a little while longer.  Here's hoping the light bulb finally goes off.

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