Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Defense Of Tony Dungy

When I first heard that Coach Dungy had spoken out against Rex Ryan's F bombs on HBO's "Hard Knocks" I immediately went to find the link to listen to the audio myself. After listening to it and recognizing that it was in response to questions asked at the end of a segment where he was on the Dan Patrick's radio show to promote his new book The Mentor Leader: Secrets to Building People & Teams That Win Consistently, I didn't think it was that big of a deal at all. I mean Tony is a guy that everybody knows is heavily involved in different ministries and goes out of his way to talk about his Christian faith and doesn't cuss himself. Was it really THAT surprising that he wasn't happy about hearing that Ryan was dropping F bombs left and right?

So I was as surprised as anybody when it became this huge media story and now Ryan is evidently all upset and hurt that Coach Dungy "judged" him and his Buddy Ryan, his father, felt compelled to respond as well.

Well in all of this very few people have focused on what exactly it was Coach Dungy said and instead focused on writeups of what he said which gave the impression that he was on some kind of crusade against Rex Ryan and cussing when Tony himself admitted that he has been around cussing, it was just that all those F bombs are not something he wants to be around constantly.

Therefore I took it upon myself to call into my guy Bomani Jones' satellite radio show and defend Coach Dungy a bit. If you want to hear the audio just click this link.

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  1. Good interview.

    From my perspective, it's just another media controversy created out of nothing. Someone asked him what he thought of cussing, and he answered. Now I don't agree with his point, but whatever - people ask it and he answers. He's not pushing the issue at all, so what's the problem here?