Thursday, August 19, 2010

File This Under "No &$#@ Sherlock"

So evidently the Viking's head coach Brad Childress' pursuit of Brett Favre, and the lengths he has been willing to go in that pursuit, have undermined his own standing in the locker room.

Next think you know you guys will be telling me water is wet and ice is cold...


  1. Had some dry water and some hot ice but that was back in the seventies.

  2. Hah. I am wondering though, how bad is a thing like that really?

    Because to someone like me, who's never even been close to a football field, Childress comes across as a complete incompetent buffoon. Everything he's done smacks of favouritism to me, and it seems like he's never in control.

    Now, this says very little because I like the Seahawks and have been following them, and Carroll's bullshit about 'WIN FOREVER' seems completely ridiculous to me, but the players seem to buy in.

    How do players perceive this stuff? Do they seem it the same way fans do, or is there some fundamental difference?